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Flash vs Maya

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  • Last Updated : 13 May, 2022

Flash and Maya both are animation software used for creating different styles of animation. They are used by individuals as well as organisations for the commercial production of animation works. There is always been confusion in choosing software for the work which would be best suited for them so let’s understand the key differences between these software.


Flash is an animation software launched by Adobe corporation, its current version is known as Adobe Animate and is provided with lots of features for making the animation process easy and fast. Flash is used in different fields like movies, video games, computer applications, mobile apps etc.

Maya is also an animation software developed by Autodesk so it is also known as Autodesk Maya. It is not free but its trial version is available for free for a limited time period. It was initially released in 1998. It is written in different programming languages like C#, C++, Python, MEL etc.

Following is a table of differences between Flash and Maya:




1. Flash is a paid animation software which was launched for making interactive websites. Maya is an advanced animation software which comes with a free trial period of a month.
2. Flash is made to create 2D animations. Maya is for 3D animations with all the features like sculpting, modelling etc.
3. It was developed by Adobe Incorporation. It was developed by Autodesk.
4. It uses Action Script as its programming language. It is developed using Python, C# and C++.
5. It creates vector-based animations. It creates advanced rigged 3D animation.
6. VFX feature is not supported by flash. Maya provides features to use VFX.
7. It is used for gaming, web applications etc. It is used for 3D animations and creating assets for 3D assets for movies and cartoon series.
8. It does not have one-year free access for students. It provides one-year free access for students.

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