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First Step to Coding – Live Course For 8th to 12th Class Students

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The registration/enrollment in the First Step to Coding – Live Course has currently been closed. All the young ones or school students can visit this link to explore various enriching beginner-level courses.

The first step towards any goal is always the most pivotal and impactful. As they said, “Well begun is half done!” And especially, from the career-building perspective, it makes a lot of sense. The first step or (you can say initiative step) depicts your confidence and the zeal to persuade or achieve your goals.

First Step to Coding - Live Course For 8th to 12th Class Students

In a similar context, GeeksforGeeks is coming up with an enriching live course, First Step to Coding – that has been specifically designed to introduce the young ones or beginners, in particular, students from class 8th to 12th, to the world of Coding!

Course Details

The First Step to Coding is a live course that will help the students to lay a strong foundation of programming domain for making a successful career in the programming world in the future. You will get to learn about all the basic concepts of programming like strings, loops, functions, and more in Python language. The course will improve your problem-solving skills so you can start writing efficient and correct codes. The course curriculum is designed in a very interesting & effective manner and you will be taught by the programming experts. Also, you don’t need to step out of your home to attend this course as you can attend it from any geographical location – all you will need is working internet and a PC/Laptop.

Though, the course is strongly recommended to the students from class 8th to 12th – it can be opted out by any beginner who wants to get started with programming as there is no prior coding knowledge required!  

Some of the prominent features of this course are provided below:

  • Track-based Learning
  • Quiz & Theory-based Learning
  • Assessment Tests
  • Course Completion Certificate trusted by top companies

You need to know that the course will be for 4 weeks and each week to consist of 4 classes. The details for the latest batch of the First Step to Coding course are as follows:

  • Starting From November 20, 2021
  • Timings: 07:00 PM IST – Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun
  • Number of Lectures per week: 4
  • Number of Weeks: 4

You can directly register yourself for the course by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step-1: Visit the official page of the First Step to Coding ​Course.
  • Step-2: Then, Click on the ‘Signup Now’ Button and enter the required details in the form such as name, contact number, etc.
  • Step-3: After signing up, you need to make the payment by clicking the “Pay Now” button.
  • Step-4: Then you’ll get successfully registered for the course and will be able to access the course content.

For any query, you can drop us an email at

Course Content

The content that will be provided in this First Step to Coding Course is as follows:

1. Lecture 1

  • Introduction to coding
  • Get to know your mentor for the course
  • Python Introduction  
  • Installing Python in your system and how to open it
  • Python Basics  
  • Python Standard and Implementations  
  • Python Installation and First Program  
  • Comments in Python  
  • How Python Programs Are Executed

2. Lecture 2

  • Input/Output in python  
  • Variables in Python  
  • Id() in Python  
  • Type() in Python  
  • Swapping two variables using an Extra variable  
  • Swap using Comma Assignment  
  • Some more basic questions to learn syntax properly

3. Lecture 3

  • List Introduction  
  • List item access  
  • Insert and search  
  • Removal of items  
  • General-purpose function,( min, max, reverse, sort)  
  • Some Basics questions on List

4. Lecture 4

  • Tuples in Python (Creating & Accessing)  
  • Set in Python (Creation, insertion, deletion, & other operations like union &  intersection)  
  • Type Conversion in Python (Implicit, explicit)  
  • Basics questions on set & tuple  

5. Lecture 5

  • Dictionary (Creation, Accessing, Removal)  
  • Operators in Python  
  • Bitwise, arithmetic & Logical operators, etc.  
  • Questions on dictionary and operators

6. Lecture 6

  • Flow Control  
  • If, else & elif in Python  
  • Even odd in Python  
  • Largest of three  
  • Leap year  

7. Lecture 7

  • Calculator Program in Python  
  • Arithmetic Progression nth Term in Python  
  • Geometric Progression nth Term in Python  
  • Find Last Digit of a Number using operators  

8. Lecture 8

  • For Loop in Python  
  • While Loop in Python  
  • Range function in Python  
  • Table of A Number Using for and while  
  • Questions on loops (Sum of N natural Number

9. Lecture 9

  • Break In Python  
  • Find the smallest divisor  
  • Continue In Python  
  • Nested Loop in Python  
  • Square Pattern in Python  
  • Printing Triangle Pattern in Python  
  • Inverted Triangle in Python  

10. Lecture 10

  • Count Digits  
  • Factorial in Python  
  • GCD in Python  
  • LCM in Python  
  • Reverse a number  

11. Lecture 11

  • Fibonacci number in python  
  • Check for Prime in Python  
  • All Divisors Of A Number  
  • Optimizations of All Divisors and Prime

12. Lecture 12

  • Strings in Python  
  • Indexing, Ord, and chr in String  
  • Escape Sequences and Raw Strings  
  • All String Operations  
  • String Comparison and pattern searching

13. Lecture 13

  • Check For Palindrome In Python  
  • Reverse A String in Python  
  • Decimal to binary in Python  
  • Binary to Decimal Conversion  
  • And more basic string questions  

14. Lecture 14

  • Functions in Python  
  • Applications & Implementation of Functions  
  • Default & Keyword Arguments  
  • Parameter Passing in Python  
  • Global Variables in Python  

15. Lecture 15

  • Program on function  
  • The prime number using function  
  • Check even-odd using function  
  • More basic program using function  

16. Lecture 16

  • OOPs in python  
  • Classes & Objects  
  • Constructors  
  • Polymorphism, Inheritance, encapsulation & Abstraction

Demo Class for First Step to Coding Course

For those, who’re still having some queries or concerns regarding this First Step to Coding Course, let us tell you GeeksforGeeks also provides you with First Step to Coding: Demo Classes. These 2 free live demo classes will introduce the students to coding terminologies and theories along with activities that will help the student lay a basic foundation of the world of programming. And, most importantly, these demo classes will surely help the students to make an informed choice about their careers in the programming world.  

You can check out the latest schedule and easily register yourself for these free live demo classes from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1. How will these classes be conducted?

Ans. It will be an online live (Live Stream) class, so you can attend this class from any geographical location. It will be an interactive live session, where you can ask your doubts to the instructor (similar to our offline classroom program). You just need to have working internet and a PC/Laptop.

Q2. What type of certificate will be offered in this program?

Ans. Once the course gets completed, you’ll be getting a course completion certificate.

So, what are you waiting for now! Do register yourself for the First Step to Coding Course and take the first step towards your career goals!

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Last Updated : 26 Jan, 2023
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