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Fidelity Investments Interview Experience for Summer Internship

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2020

Round One: Round 1 is all about some verbal ability questions and technical questions from OOPs, SQL, DBMS, Networks, algorithms, and DSA.  

Two simple coding problems. Coding Questions are as follows:

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  1. Alice and Bob will be given a definite number from a box. When Alice has more chocolates he has to leave the number of chocolates in the box which is equal to the number of chocolate bob possesses and vice versa. They continue this until they have an equal number of chocolates or one of them has zero chocolates. Find the number of times they have to leave chocolates.
  2. Given two matrices (given input matrices may not be a  square matrix), we need to convert that matrix into a square matrix and fill the remaining spaces with 1.we need to find the diagonal sum of both the matrix and print the absolute difference between them.

Round Two(Technical HR Round): The HR asked me to explain my projects and asked some queries about it.

  1. OOPS, concept – compile time and run time polymorphism.  
  2. Questions from the area of interest  
  3. What are RDBMS and some algorithms used in data mining?
  4. Tell me about your web development and Data visualization exposure?
  5. Your experience in working with cloud technologies?
  6. Asked to code the factorial problem on the screen.
  7. What is the latest version of java?

Round Three(HR Round): Initially, the HR asked me about the projects and asked how I approached the project and also about the feedback about the projects.

Then the HR started with “Tell me about yourself?”. It was more like chaining of questions.

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