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Fidelity Investments Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2022
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Round 1: Online Test: Round 1 is an online test that contained MCQs from networks, DBMS, oops, and c/c++. 

  • My college syllabus covered these topics but I did not answer networks and DBMS well. 
  • Next is 2 programming questions which were level 1 questions. 
  • Only the logic got tested here. If u get these correct then you will be selected for the next round.
  • The next section was on algorithms where we had to write pseudo code for 2 instances. I did not solve these.

Round 2: Technical Interview: My technical interview went pretty well. 

  • I was asked to write CPP code to print my name and to explain each and every line in that code.
  • Then I was asked about parameter passing while compiling the CPP program. 
  • Then I was asked about Dijkstra’s algorithm to find a single source’s shortest path. 
  • Then I was asked to give examples of Inheritance. 
  • Then I was asked about encapsulation and pointers in CPP.
  •  At last, I was asked to solve 111111’s square by shortcut which the interviewer thought me by giving an example of 11’s square.

Round 3: HR round: I was asked about my hobbies and the feel on that day before the interview process. We discussed my projects.

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