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Fidelity Investments Internship Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 28 Jan, 2020

Online Round: It consisted of four sections. The first section consisted of basic multiple choice questions that checked your proficiency in the English language.They comprised of questions based on fundamentals of Computer Networks, Operating Systems, OOPS, SQL and C++. Don’t panic!!Then, we had a coding section. Two questions were asked. First one was a basic implementation question.
There are N villages arranged in a circular pattern located at varying distances. At every village, you get an energy drink. You can go the next village only if your current energy was greater than or equal to the distance between the current village and the next one. You need to tell which village should a traveler start so that he could visit all the villages, with initial energy zero.
The similar question at GeeksForGeeks:
In the last section, we were asked to write Psuedo Code for Floyd Warshall Algorithm and a string based question. The question was something like this:
You are given two strings. You need to sort the first string based on occurrences of characters in the second string. The characters present in the first string and absent in second should be placed at the last in the same order as in the original string. For example, if the two strings are “aafbbhccgddz” and “dbca”, then the output should be “ddbbccaafhgz”.

Interview : There were two rounds. The first round was of 20 minutes duration. In the beginning itself, the interviewer told me that he was more interested in how I approach any problem and how good I express it. First, he asked me how will you prove that the smallest factor of any number is prime. Next question was partitioning an array with respect to a pivot(same as we do in Quick Sort). Next, he asked how will you check if a binary string is transmitted correctly without any errors. The last question was: If the days of the week are enumerated as {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}, given a day-number how will you determine a day-number before or after k days.

The interviewer was very nice to me and made me comfortable to answer the questions.
In the final round, the interviewer asked me to explain a project and he gave me some conditions and asked how would my project model act. He also asked the usual one “ Why do you want to join Fidelity?”

All the best.

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