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Fidelity Investments Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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On 30th August 2021. Fidelity investments came to our college to hire students for summer intern 2022.

Round 1: Online test in Hire pro

It had 4 sections.  

  • English Proficiency: There were 10 MCQs based on Paragraph comprehension, Rearrange the sentences, etc. and the time allotted was 15 mins.
  • Technical MCQs: It had 20 technical MCQs which consisted of questions based on fundamentals of Data Structures, Computer Networks, OS, OOPS, SQL, JAVA, Bitwise calculations, and guess the output of given snippet and time allotted was 30 mins.
  • Coding Round: The time allotted was 1 hour to complete 2 coding questions
  1. .
  2. Given a matrix, we have to convert the matrix into a square matrix by appending 1s and sum the diagonal elements. For summation, the diagonal element should be present an odd number of times outside the diagonal.
  • Algorithm: In this section, you had to write an algorithm for  2 programs.

Round 2: Virtual Technical Interview

35 students were shortlisted for the Technical Interview round including me. 

  • In the beginning, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked questions from Cloud Computing. He asked some basic questions from the language I am comfortable with. Next, he moved to the projects mentioned in the resume. He asked some tricky questions about the projects. At last, a coding question was given, and asked to write the logic.
  • The results were announced in the next 30 minutes and  I was called for further rounds. Around 20 students were selected for further rounds.

Round 3: Virtual HR Interview

  • What is Fidelity?
  • Why do you want to join Fidelity?
  • Take a project mentioned in the resume and explain
  • Any questions?

This interview was short around 15 minutes and finally, they selected 12 students for the Summer Internship including me.

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