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Fidelity International Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021
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Below is my experience of interviews with Fidelity International for the position of GET or Graduate Engineering Trainee, hope this helps.

Round 1(Aptitude Test): The first round consisted of an Aptitude Test, which consisted of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and Verbal Ability questions. 

  • Difficulty level of these questions ranged from easy to medium and hard for some questions. 
  • Negative marking was involved and 4 points were awarded for a correct answer a -1 for a wrong and 0 for a question left unanswered. The test was of 120 minutes. 
  • The results were declared within a few days.

Round 2(Technical Interview): This round consisted of a 1 on 1 interview wherein the interviewer asked technical questions so as to test your knowledge based on their field of expertise, your resume, and your projects. 

  • In my case due to knowledge and experience in Deep Learning and the fact that the interviewer was also from this domain, the interview felt more like a conversation. 
  • Questions relating to Data Structures like Hash Maps were asked, along with some puzzles. 
  • A few questions regarding cryptography were also asked. 
  • If I didn’t know the answer to any question I simply said that I am not aware of that topic and can make an educated guess.

Round 3(Managerial Round): The final round consisted of a Managerial Interview which was taken by as you can guess, the manager. 

  • This round involved questions about general knowledge, discussions about the company, what they do, and emerging and upcoming technologies like Blockchain. 
  • I was given a few situations like, a disagreement with your colleagues, explaining a technical concept to someone who has never used a computer. 
  • This round mainly tested, how I would behave in different office situations and if I would be a good fit for the office.
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