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Feature Testing in Software Testing

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  • Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2021
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Prerequisite: Software Testing

Feature testing :

Feature Testing is the testing of various features present or to be included inside an app in order to make the interaction and user experience better. This process is very thoughtful and helps keeping up the validation of new features for a web page. 

At the same time it also determines the most successful variation of features. For keeping up with upcoming changes in this competitive tech industry, organization keeps adding new features to improve functionality and their product in order to increase the demand. Therefore, feature plays a vital role in SDLC (Software Developmental Life Cycle). It defines a product and separate its originality from other products. 

Moreover, it is the feature that defines functionality of software. These eventually makes the product more effective attractive and changes add new functionality or significantly modifies existing features. The work process of feature testing is similar to i.e. A/B /n tests that allows to control each variation of associated feature.

How effectively Feature Testing works :

  • Understands the feature
  • Builds test scenarios
  • Prepares all positive and negative Data sets.
  • Implementation done
  • Deploy the building early

Benefits of feature testing :

 There are number of benefits of performing feature testing. Some of them are 

  1. Validate Fit Feature : Feature testing allow accumulation of metrics and validates accordingly business requirements. This eventually helps in measuring the performing metric and compares it against the off and rolls out a fresh functionality for the product.
  2. Determines the best feature configuration : With enabling/disabling the features at several level it can also run feature test experiment with various configuration and test scenarios for feature. This way it determines the best feature experience.
  3. Bug discovery : Standardizes software testing practices such as unit testing and function testing. It’s an good way to discover bugs and issue. Moreover, when the new feature is wrapped it can quickly rollback any bug without the code deploy.
  4. Optimization : Feature testing can run over and over in multiple test cycles on the same app so that the best performance can be achieved.
  5. Feature tests and continuous delivery : Implementation of feature test and delivery process allows to quickly validate ideas, determines the rolled out features and looks over metrics and another code deployment.
  6. Optimize and features tests : With Optimized server side management capabilities, product and engineering teams can instruments feature flags and run feature tests on them. This allows to validate hypothesis quickly.

Advantage of Feature Testing :  

  • Helps in testing metrics of feature and validate them
  • Keeps check on all different configuration of the software
  • Detects issue /bugs in early stage
  • All the elements are tested
  • Various integration with several configuration can be checked while doing testing
  • Continuous testing process allows the software to perform its best.

Features testing finds all the edge cases and the newly released or modified features gets optimized and it makes both the developer and the user’s life easier. This makes it a very essential part of the testing cycle. As well as helps the stakeholders in improving the quality of product either by introducing new features, existing features or modifying them that are easy and acceptable by their users. 

The organization can face monetary loss and issues regarding software .hence feature testing is important before the release the main goal is to check the system functionality perfect.

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