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EverNote vs SimpleNote

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Note-taking applications are the ones that store all notes and important information digitally. One can also type, write, and draw notes on the device of choice just as one would using pen and paper. It is quite difficult to choose the best-note-taking application amongst so many. Both, SimpleNote and EverNote are note-taking applications for the end-users so that they do not miss out the important dates and events or their day-to-day activities. Both applications are compatible with mobile and computer versions, making them convenient for the user to install and use. Notes can be in any form whether it is text, audio, files, or images.


It is designed for special information storage. It stores any sensitive information in one source repository altogether and organizes the data in a hierarchical and proper way in a single place.



Advantages of Evernote

  • It adds more than text to your notes, including photos, files, and to-do lists.
  • It creates personal space for the user.
  • It is good for long time purposes.

Disadvantages of Evernote

  • It lacks snooze reminders.
  • It has complex features.
  • Its functions are different for different devices.


It is a note-taking application. It is cross-platform and accessible via most web browsers. Also, it is available on Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and macOS. All SimpleNote applications are open-sourced and easy to download.



Advantages of Simplenote

  • This app is simple and easy to use.
  • The cross-platform feature syncs notes on multiple devices.
  • It is compatible with Markdown and Dropbox.

Disadvantages of Simplenote

  • It doesn’t offer file attachments, audio, video, or email notes like features in the app.
  • It is not that flexible when compared to EverNote.

Difference between EverNote and SimpleNote




Work It has many of the web-related UI and interfaces which is used for making the entire application user-friendly. It being online mode gives users the privilege to make rapid switching between the pages of the text groups aligned to make the information.
Flexibility It is quite flexible. It is not that flexible when compared to EverNote.
Charges It charges about $1. All applications are open-sourced and easy to download.
Fast switching It provides the ability to fast switching It does not provide a fast switching feature.
Edit It has the capability to make notes in an organized manner and store it in a single notebook. It gives users the ability to edit and create their customized documents with ease.
Organization It organizes the data in a proper way. It does not organize data in a proper way.


Both SimpleNote and EverNote are used for the same purpose by the user. So, it is up to the user’s choose and requirement, to use which application in their system. More professional work and large organizations can go for EverNote because of its chargeable feature in its application. Small organizations and individuals can go for SimpleNote as it is free of cost and easy to use. 

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Last Updated : 28 Jan, 2023
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