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Ecolab Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2023

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  • Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2022
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“Welcome to ECOLAB” These are the words that every aspirant reading this article is desperate to hear. A few days back, I was also one of you. Believe me guys, it’s not too hard if you are prepared enough. 
Let me share my experiences and help you in the only way I can. 

  • Aptitude Test [30 min]: There are 30 questions in 30 min. platform cocubes AON. which is easy and medium-level questions. we have to manage time according to questions. this section is an elimination round so we have to qualify this round. this section contains quant, logical, aptitude, and verbal questions. if you qualify for this round then you got an assessment for the next round.

Coding Round [45 min]: This round consists of three questions which are easy, medium, and hard. there is 45min to solve the all problem. this platform is cocubes AON. so we have to write all the program syntax with functions in this compiler.

  • count the word in a given string which separated by space only[Easy]
  • count the number of uppercase characters in a given string[Easy]
  • alternating prime[Hard].

3. Interview [TI] [25-30 min]: In this round interviewer go through your resume and then ask some basics questions related to common subjects such as:

  • OOPS
  • DBMS(Normalization, Joins)
  • DATA STRUCTURE(Array, Graph, Stack, Tree)

PROJECT RELATED QUESTIONS: Then after he asked project-related questions.


  • Then after he asks some HR-related questions such as 
  • Do you know ECOLAB? ECLAB parent company.
  • Your’s strength/weakness.
  • What is your goal and what you achieve after 5 years?
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