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E-commerce Issues

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2021
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Overview :
E-commerce is the evolution in technology, the buying and selling feature online not only have shown growth in the online business but also allows customers to have a variety of choices for buying their products. Now, customers can get the same product in a variety of ranges with a variety of brands anywhere and anytime. Buying and selling now are not only limited to a specific region or state, anyone can buy from anywhere in the world.

Issues in e-commerce :
When there is a good side then there are also some issues. So, lets us see what are issues in e-commerce.

Issue-1 : 
Privacy violation

  • Many times we heard that companies have sold the personal details of their customers. This is a very common issue nowadays even sometimes we allow sites to fully access our devices, and also when we fill personal details in our account section these details can be used for many purposes.
  • E-commerce also keeps track of our online activity or product preferences and product listing based on this information they recommend products to us and advertise on platforms which we use like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.
  • privacy invasion can also be done when there is low security in the e-commerce site. hackers can hack the servers of e-commerce sites and gets personal information of users like credit card details, phone number, and passwords.

Issue-2 : 
Website spoofing

  • It is a technique to create the same lookalike website as other websites. When the user by mistake types any other word in place of the original word they land on a page that is the same as the original website. Or when a link is circulated among a group of persons of the fake website they basically contain malicious code or they lure customers to buy their product and give their personal details.

Issue-3 :  
Online piracy

  • It is unauthorized copyright of the original property. Many sites provide free copyright e-books, e-music, e-movies which are unethical. Sometimes original trademarks are used to sell fake products. It is basically the use of other’s content without their permission or without any right to download and distribute it. It has become the most dangerous threat to content owners.

Issue-4 : 

  • Email spamming is a very common way to defraud users. This technique is also known as phishing. In this, spammers sent emails to customers and lure them with products and exciting offers. They tempt users to purchase their products and give their personal details on their fake websites. Sometimes these emails are marked as spam mails but most often when we give personal details such as name, email, phone number then they can easily send their mails to defraud users. It is also known as junk mails.
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