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DXC Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 10 Oct, 2022
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This is the on-campus interview experience for the company DXC Technology. The company came in the month of August and all the interviews and online tests were done in the same month, the results were declared on month of September and approximately 71 students were placed.

ROUND 1: The first round was an online assessment that contained 7 Coding Fixes (basically debug-type questions), English, Aptitude, Reasoning, DBMS, OS, and other fundamental MCQs.

The round was quite easy and almost every student has little knowledge of the subjects can crack it.

ROUND 2: The second round was (HR + Technical). The Interviewer firstly introduced himself, he was very polite and nice

  • Firstly he asked about my Introduction, my hobbies , and my technical skills.
  • Questions he asked were : 
    • Difference between process and Threads
    • What is Process
    • Exception Handling, some of the Exceptions
    • The difference between  final, finally and finalize 
    • Then he asked me to open notepad where he gave a question to find all the duplicates and remove duplicates from a string
  •   The catch was that i cannot use set ,map or any other pre defined structures from Collection Framework or stl.
  •   Firstly i gave him the approach and the he asked me to code this on notepad and compile this on IDE of my choice (I used Eclippse)
  •   Some of the HR Questions that were asked to almost everyone were : 
    •   Why DXC?
    •   Are You Ready to relocate?
    •   Are you comfortable in Night Shift?
  •   And finally, asked me if i had anything to ask about him or the company ? ( I asked about the technologies that company expect me to work as a fresher and also about the work life balance in DXC)


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