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DuckDuckGo vs Safari

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  • Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2022

DuckDuckGo is a web browser that was built mainly to respect the privacy of the users so this web browser is known for its transparency towards its users. It was built by DuckDuckGo Incorporation. The development credit for this browser goes to Gabriel Weinberg and his team. It supports various operating systems like Mac, Windows, Android etc. 

Safari is also a web browser used for surfing the internet and it was built by Apple. It was mainly used on the Mac operating system but it can also be used on Windows operating system. Initially, it was released in 2003, just like chrome it is also freeware. It is open source and is written using different programming languages like C++, Swift etc.


Following is a table of differences between DuckDuckGo and Safari:




1. User information tracking is strictly prohibited in DuckDuckGo. It tracks user information to provide personalized results.
2. Indexing of web pages is done using DuckDuckGo bots. Indexing of web pages is done through crawlers.
3. In-built ad-blocking feature enhances the browsing experience. It does not have any in-built ad-blocking feature.
4. It uses the DuckDuckGo search engine as default. It uses the Google search engine as default.
5. Tor browser functionality to enable anonymity. It lacks on providing anonymous browsing functionality.
6. Extension integration of external parties is allowed. It supports only mac extensions.
7. The customer base is smaller as compared to safari. It has a large customer base as compared to DuckDuckGo.
8. Overall performance of DuckDuckGo is good.  Overall performance of safari better than DuckDuckGo.
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