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Dual Core vs Quad Core Processor

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2022
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Processors are one of the most important components of any processing system. Any desktop or laptop comes with the configuration of different cores of processors, so people often get confused between dual-core and quad cores. So we will compare all the specifications of these processors to get better ideas. 


Dual-Core processors are those processing units that have two cores. A core is like a processing part that can complete a single time at a point in time so dual-core means that processing can be done at a faster rate. Dual-core processing systems allow performing more than one function at a time.

Quad-Core processors are those processing systems that have four cores so it is capable of performing a number of tasks at the same time means it provides the power of parallel processing. These processing systems are much faster than any other processing system.

Following is a table of differences between Dual Core and Quad Core Processors:




1. It consists of 2 cores, each designated to perform a specific task. It consists of 4 cores which give the ability to perform multiple jobs concurrently.
2. Resource-efficient as it uses less power as compared to Quad-core systems. Resource utilization is more as compared to dual-core because the number of cores is more. 
3. The clock speed and computation capability are slower than Quad-core. It is much faster than dual-core systems and computational efficiency is high.
4. Parallel processing capability is not available in these processors. It has 4 cores which give it the capability of parallel computing.
5. The graphic support of the dual-core system is weak and it cannot run heavy graphics. The graphic support of the quad-core system is high and it is used to run heavy graphics.
6. The hardware of these processors does not get heated as they produce little heat. Heat ejection is high and due to this, these processors make the hardware gets heated.
7. The performance of dual-core processing systems is good. The performance of dual-core processing systems is better.
8. Not good for tasks like video editing or animations. Easily handles the task of video editing and animations.
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