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Druva Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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Round 1- Online Assessment(70 mins): 3 coding questions – we couldn’t resubmit the code once submitted

  • Finding the third largest string in a given array 
  • Find the missing digit x from the given expression
  • Fizz Buzz

9 MCQs based on DSA, CN, OS, and Linux. Both the codes and MCQs were simple so your accuracy mattered the most

Round 2 – Technical Interview(45 mins):

  • The interviewer didn’t ask the usual q of “Tell me about yourself”
  • He asked about my comfortable coding language
  • Asked about the 4 pillars of OOP
  • Asked to explain each one in detail with example
  • Then asked me the difference between overloading and overriding
  • Told me to write a code to show both of them
  • He then asked me what is abstract classes
  • Further, he asked about the difference between interface and abstract classes
  • He then asked about lifecycle hooks in React (I had a couple of React JS projects on my resume so)
  • Asked 3 DSA code all of the arrays and easy – medium difficulty
  • He then asked me what happens when you search anything on a browser – I first told him DNS resolution and then was trying to explain by OSI model, but he saw that I could write all layers of the OSI model so he was satisfied
  • He then asked me if I wanted a Full Stack Role(most of the projects were in this area)

Round 3 – Techno-HR (1hr 30 mins): I just came out of the technical interview and within 10 minutes I was called for this round

  • I was asked about my GRE, GMAT, GATE, and CAT scores
  • I was then asked about my favorite project from my resume
  • We then discussed project architecture for 30-35 mins
  • He then moved to OS
  • Asked basic questions like what Multithreading, Paging, Segmentation
  • He then asked me, if I were given a 30 GB text file and I have to search a word in it then what approach will I use (took around 30-40 mins)
  • He then asked me about my hobbies
  • After that, he gave a hypothetical situation if Musk was to colonize Mars and if I  was to be tasked to setup Facebook for Marsian people then how will I do it from an implementation point of view

There was no HR round

Out of 40 students selected for the interview, only 6 were selected. I was one among them.

Druva’s main focus was OS – So I’ll suggest first solving MCQs, refer Fraz’s OS Sheet, and if time permits, watching Gate Smashers.

Thanks, GFG and all other fellows students who uploaded their interview experiences

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