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Distinguish between Subsistence Farming and Intensive Farming

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Subsistence farming and intensive farming are two very different, but important types of farming in India. Subsistence farming is a kind of agricultural practice that is taken on by a specific gathering of ranchers who work on cultivating to address the issues of themselves and their families. Ranchers who practice resource cultivating eat and sell what they develop on their homesteads. They work on cultivating on more modest grounds. A tiny sum or no synthetic composts are utilized in this technique. This means cultivating additionally remembers the reliance of ranchers for the storm season for the development of yields.

No cutting-edge strategies are utilized for the water system of yields, and ranchers totally rely upon water as it gives regular development to crops. Indeed, even the work that goes about as some assistance in the whole cycle is for the most part the relatives of the ranchers. No advanced apparatuses are utilized in means of cultivating. Just conventional apparatuses like cleavers and cutlasses are utilized in subsistence farming. Ordinarily, this means cultivating is polished in hardly populated regions where the assets are very restricted, and the need is high.

Intensive Farming

Intensive cultivating is a kind of cultivating where a rancher does cultivate for getting the greatest benefit by putting more input. The super goal here is to acquire the most extreme result conceivable. It is otherwise called intensive agribusiness, and it is the very inverse of broad horticulture or broad cultivating. Ranchers utilize the advanced devices and procedures that are accessible in cultivating for getting improved yields, and they likewise utilize synthetic pesticides and composts.

For the water system of harvests, they don’t rely upon storm downpours, and on second thought, they utilize present-day water system techniques like trickle water system and sprinkle water system. The agribusiness rehearses accomplished for business objects are generally escalated cultivating models. The two animals and plants are a piece of this cultivating technique. For the most part, rehearsed in regions are thickly populated and regions that have bountiful assets. The regions with more populace bring about additional returns and benefits for the ranchers.

There are a few benefits of intensive cultivating. The yield is very high in intensive cultivating, which helps the ranchers monetarily, the land where the cultivating rehearses are done is managed distinctly, and monetary development is conceivable because of concentrated cultivating, regardless of whether the cultivating methods incorporate the utilization of synthetic pesticides and composts, the whole cycle is finished based on the rules set forth by the Environment Protection Agency, and in this manner, these items are sound as well as reasonable.

Main Differences Between Subsistence Farming and Intensive Farming

At beginning of subsistence farming, also called means horticulture, is an exceptionally basic kind of cultivation. The ranchers in this technique simply raise or develop the perfect proportion of nourishment for their families to consume, no more and no less. In this technique everything is set perfectly. Resource ranchers develop adequate yields that are guaranteed to keep going for the whole year for a foreordained number of heads.

Intensive farming rehearses independence. The ranchers at this point not go to the market to purchase food and different items for their everyday living. They simply collect what they can and be satisfied with what they have. There are definitely no promoting techniques included nor is there an arrangement to acquire pay or surplus from the general yield of the field. Means cultivating is frequently seen to be an exceptionally brutal method of horticulture on the grounds that the ranchers can’t actually fathom numerous factors like outrageous environment changes and crises to which their restricted assets are constantly scrutinized.

Besides, subsistence cultivation sort of cultivating doesn’t utilize costly machines and expensive composts. They simply use what they can snatch around them like creature excrement to act as their natural normal composts. Animals are then drafted to work with the ranchers too, which supplant the necessity of the homestead machines.

On the opposite side of the coin, intensive farming or agribusiness is the direct inverse of resource. It is a more complicated horticultural system. The concentrated ranchers utilize every one of the sorts of present day cultivating innovations, for example, machines, costly pesticides and composts and also a greater number of workforces. There is likewise a high contribution of cultivating materials with the general or extreme objective of creating the most potential benefit and the greatest excess. Thus, the general yield is set at a positive pattern.

Comparison Between Subsistence Farming and Intensive Farming

Subsistence Farming 

Intensive Farming 

The cultivating that is finished by a rancher to address his and his family’s issues are known as means farming.  The cultivating that is finished to get greatest benefit and result by obtaining the most extreme info is known as escalated cultivating.
More modest land property Greater land property
Efficiency is Less Efficiency is More
Crude devices are utilized. Present-day instruments are utilized.
Normal assets like downpour.
Present day water system techniques are carried out like sprinkle water system and trickle water system.
Subsistence cultivating, and present-day more modest landholdings are utilized.  Then again, for intensive cultivating, greater landholdings are utilized.
The treatment of harvests in means cultivating is finished by utilizing customary normal methods. 
Then again, the preparation of yields in intensive cultivating is finished by utilizing present day strategies.
The utilization of compound pesticides and manures isn’t finished by means of cultivating. Then again, the utilization of compound pesticides and manures is finished in serious cultivating.
The yields that are filled in every one of the cultivating types are unique. By means of cultivating, crops like products of the soil and grains are developed.  Then again, in concentrated cultivating, crops like money crops and different cereals are developed.

FAQ on Systems of Farming

Question 1: What are the benefits and inconveniences of resource agribusiness?


Conventional resource agribusiness is drilled in the greater part of all little homesteads in Pacific SIDS. It enjoys the benefit of being biologically strong, with privately adjusted and versatile species and cultivars. The inconvenience, nonetheless, is low efficiency.

Question 2: What are the different branches of agriculture?


Different branches of agriculture are aquaculture, horticulture, organic farming, dairy farming, poultry, sericulture, vermiculture, and market gardening.

Question 3: Give two advantages of crop rotation.


The advantages of crop rotation are as follows:

  • Improves soil fertility by increasing the nutrient level of the soil.
  • Reduce soil erosion
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Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2022
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