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Distinguish between Primary and Tertiary Activities

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India is quite possibly the quickest developing economy on the planet and it is anticipated that by 2050, it will end up being the second-biggest economy on the planet. There are many variables that add to the economy. There are three areas of the Indian economy: the primary area, the secondary area, and the tertiary area. All three sectors contribute to the Indian economy and contributes to the GDP of the country.

Primary Activities

The primary sector is to move the everyday activities along, this area’s administrations are totally dependent on the accessibility of regular assets. Eg. Horticulture, Mining, Fishing, Forestry, Dairy, and so forth. Horticulture, along with fisheries and ranger service, represents 33% of India’s GDP and is the absolute most significant benefactor. 18.20% of GDP adds to the essential area. Horticulture has for quite some time been the foundation of India’s economy. Besides that, India is the world’s biggest maker of milk and the second-biggest maker of wheat, sugar, freshwater fish, and groundnuts.

It is a critical maker of tea, cashews, sugar, ginger, turmeric, and dark pepper. The Indian horticultural area had the option to achieve this exceptional accomplishment because of the Indian government’s few synchronous transformations. The Black Revolution, which saw the development of petrol, and the Brown Revolution, which saw the creation of calfskin/non-traditional/cocoa, were both critical transformations in India’s essential area. Underemployment and camouflaged business are two main pressing concerns that this area faces.

Tertiary activities

Known as the help area, the tertiary area is the last stage of the system. As opposed to completed products, the assistance business generates benefits. In addition to consideration, heading, access, knowledge, and close-to-home work, services (also called “Theoretical Products”) are offered. Providing administration to both organizations and end customers is the tertiary area of the organization. By communicating with clients and providing client support, we focus on individuals rather than changing actual articles. Despite the fact that the support business includes a wide range of items and services, it does not directly influence the production of those products.

It is essential to coordinate operations between essential and auxiliary production areas in order to sell goods in discount stores or retail shops, for example. Among these organizations are all help organizations, including IT administrations, counseling, and so on. A majority of India’s gross domestic product is derived from this industry.

Individuals such as instructors, doctors, and others who offer individual assistance.

Distinguish between  Primary activities and tertiary activities 

Primary Activities

 Tertiary Activities

 These exercises are likewise called united area exercises or rural exercises. These are exercises that offer types of assistance to society. Like, legal advisors, specialists, and salesmen.
These exercises center around occupations that depend straightforwardly on normal resources.   They may not give an actual decent, yet they offer types of assistance.
Individuals playing out these exercises incorporate anglers, coal excavators, ranchers, and so on. Since they need to communicate with their particular regular assets, they will be residing near places with a decent inventory of their resources.  The area for tertiary exercises will rely upon where it is required. For example, a clinic won’t be made in a separate spot. It will work where there will be individuals to profit from its administration.
These exercises are sloppy and frequently utilize customary methods. The most significant of the relative multitude of essential exercises is ‘agriculture‘.  Tertiary exercises are efficient and utilize cutting-edge methods and planned operations to work.
It is also known as agriculture or related or allied sector services.   It is also known as the service sector.
This sector provides raw materials i.e. base products for goods and services.  This sector provides useful services for the primary and secondary.
The primary sector is an unorganized sector.  This sector is well organized.
This sector also uses traditional techniques for production.   This sector uses modern-day logistics techniques for performing tasks.
Activities in this sector consist of agriculture, forestry, ensuing, and mining.   Banking, communication, and trade are included in this sector.
In developing countries, like India, this sector contains a large section of the workforce as employed, compared to developed nations.   This sector’s employment share has raised in the ensuring years (from 2003).
For example, for making sugar we take sugarcane from the field as raw material.   For example, transportation of sugar to godowns.

FAQs on Sectors of Economy

Question 1: How tertiary area is unique in relation to the essential area?


The tertiary area is unique in relation to the other two areas. This area creates no merchandise without anyone else, however, offer types of assistance that helps in the improvement of the essential and auxiliary area. For example Transport, Banking Insurance, Storage, Communication, and so forth.

Question 2: Why essential exercises are called essential?


Essential exercises are straightforwardly reliant upon the climate as these imply the straight utilization of earth’s assets like land, water, vegetation, and minerals. It shapes the base for any remaining exercises.

Question 3: Why is transport a tertiary movement?


Transport is a tertiary help or office through which individuals or materials, for example, produced products are assumed starting with one position and then onto the next. However, the time and cost can be different according to the chosen method of transport. When picking any mode, distance and time are seen as principal.

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Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2022
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