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Differentiate between the farms in India and the USA

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  • Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2023
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Agriculture is the primary economic activity in India. The vast majority of individuals are employed in the agriculture sector. Crop farming, cattle raising, forestry, and fishing are all considered to be part of agriculture. Seeds, fertilizer, equipment, and labor are the essential elements needed for agricultural techniques. It involves a variety of activities, including plough, seed, irrigation, weed, and harvest. Among the products produced are poultry, dairy, wool, and timber.

Agriculture Development

The term “agriculture development” refers to the expansion of the agricultural industry. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including the use of modern agricultural methods in place of more traditional ones, the selection of agricultural methods that will increase crop yields, the expansion of the area under cultivation, the growth of more crops, the improvement of irrigation systems, the use of fertilizers, the use of high-yielding seed varieties, and the advancement of agriculture through mechanization.

The main aim of agricultural development is to increase food security. When crops are grown on tiny estates primarily for subsistence in developing countries with large populations, intensive agriculture is often practiced. Larger estates, like those in the USA, Canada, and Australia, are more suited for commercial agriculture. 

Agriculture development in India

  • The size of the average farm in India as compared to other countries is very small. The main reason for this is the ongoing, generational partition of a plot among a cultivator’s offspring.
  • The land is intensively cultivated. Double cropping are common.
  • The majority of the farm’s product is consumed for self-sustenance, and there is very little surplus.
  • The use of machinery is quite low. Most farmers cannot afford to purchase expensive farm machinery. The high population density makes manual labor cheap and widely employed in agricultural activities.
  • Modern farming techniques, improved seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides are used occasionally. This is due, in part, to both poverty and a lack of knowledge.
  • Livestock farming and mixed farming have developed more slowly. On farms, food is mostly cultivated.
  • Since feed is often not grown in fields, agricultural waste is fed to animals. There are no special provisions made for sheltering or caring for these animals.
  • Illiterate farmers are frequently in charge of the farm. Programs are now being introduced to raise their awareness level.
  • Crop yields are frequently low.

Agriculture Development in the USA

  • Farms in India are sometimes much smaller than those in the United States. An average farm in the USA covers about 250 hectares. This is a result of the low-cost and plentiful land.
  • Agriculture is practiced extensively. Although single-cropping plays a major role, there is a possibility for fodder crops as well.
  • Farming is a commercial activity. Most of the food is for sale. Because there is little local demand, there is a significant oversupply that is exported.
  • The bulk of jobs are performed by machines on farms, which are highly automated. Machines are required on large farms. Physical labor is also costly and in limited supply.
  • High-yielding seed types, fertilizers, herbicides, and modern farming methods are used. Given their economic growth, the farmers can easily purchase HYV seeds. However, because of the harmful effects of pesticides, farmers are now employing eco-friendly methods.
  • Animals are raised using scientific methods on dairy farms and ranches. Farmers benefit from a variety of agricultural practices when the harvest is poor. Fodder crops are farmed and fed to farm animals.
  • The farm is managed by educated farmers who are familiar with both the most recent agricultural advancements and market conditions.
  • Though the production per acre is lower than in many other countries, the yield per worker is higher.

Agriculture Development




Size of farm In average, farm holdings are small in size about 2-3 hectares. The farm holdings are huge size of around 250 hectares.
Farmers education Most farmers lack education or have very basic school knowledge. Farmers in USA are well-educated and keep themselves up to date with new technologies.
Farming Use man labor extensively with traditional weapons like plows. They use heavy machinery and very advanced technologies are used to maximize their profits and production.
Agricultural practices Farmers produce 2 to 3 crops in the year and heavily depend on the weather conditions. They use scientific methods to study the soil and use a variety of methods to irrigate the fields and increase their productivity by growing multiple crops a year.
Return Very few returns are achieved by Indian farmers. US farmers get higher returns.

FAQs on Agricultural Development in India And USA

Question 1: Write the classification of economic activities.


 There are three types of economic activities:

  1. Primary activity
  2. Secondary activity
  3. Tertiary activity

Question 2: Write basic inputs that are used in agriculture.


There are numerous inputs used in agriculture such as seeds, fertilizers, manure, chemicals, machinery, and other farming equipment.

Question 3: What do you understand by agriculture development?


Agriculture development refers to helping farmers or crop producers by offering them various forms of support in the agricultural industry. Providing security, aiding in research, utilizing cutting-edge techniques, controlling pests, and increasing diversity are a few examples of how agriculture development is carried out.

Question 4: Write any 2 differences between agriculture developments in India and USA.


 Difference between agriculture developments in India and USA:

Agriculture Development in the India Agriculture Development in the USA
Most farmers are illiterate and unaware of modern farming techniques Most farmers are educated and aware of modern agriculture techniques.
Less land available More land is available

Question 5: Write any 2 similarities between agriculture developments in India and USA.


 In both the agriculture development of the US and India:

1. Extensive agriculture is practiced

2. Produtions are on average.

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