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Differences between Cassandra and Elasticsearch

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  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2022
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1. Cassandra : Cassandra is designed to cope with massive quantities of records throughout many commodity servers, supplying excessive availability with no single factor of failure. It is free and open-source, distributed, and it is actually a NoSQL DBMS. 

2. Elasticsearch : It is a distributed search and analytic engine which is open-source and can be used for all sorts of data, having the capability of storing and looking out voluminous records in close to real-time. It supports the Java language. It is the most important element of Elastic Stack for records evaluation and visualization. It has excessive scalability and the pace of performing an action is additionally excessive which makes it an effortless and speedy tool for data analysis, processing, and visualization. 
Differences between Cassandra and Elasticsearch :

S.No. Cassandra Elasticsearch
1. It is created by Apache. It is created by Elastic NV.
2. It is a NoSQL DBMS. It is a distributed search and analytic engine.
3. It is more scalable than Elasticsearch. It is having less scalable applications.
4. It does not have a feature of working with images. Image work can be done with this.
5. Searching activity is not as quick as in Elasticsearch. There is a quick searching activity which can be done with index basis.
6. It supports comparatively small scripts. It supports comparatively large sort of scripts.
7. It does not work with transaction-related queries. It can be work with transaction-related queries.
8. It is more flexible as compared to Elasticsearch. It is less flexible as compared to Cassandra.
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