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Difference Between Wi-Fi and Broadband

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  • Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2021
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Prerequisite: Basics of WiFi

Wi-Fi is a part of wireless network protocols which are used for LAN i.e. Local Area Networking and for accessing wireless internet. By using Wi-Fi nearer devices can exchange data by radio waves. It is the worldwide used computer network used at offices, schools, colleges, restaurants, stations, etc. 

Working of WiFi:

Wi-Fi is high-speed network connectivity without any use of cables. In this wireless network basically, three components are used i.e., Router, Antenna, and Radio signals. It basically uses radio waves to transfer its data from another wireless router to access Wi-Fi with the help of another device like TV, Smartphone, Tablet, and Computer. Other wireless devices connect to the wireless networks by using wireless Access Points (AP). The access point carries the bandwidth approaching a router, and then it provides networks to other different devices.  

Broadband is one type of higher-speed internet connectivity that provides uninterrupted internet service. It can be termed as a lifetime internet service. This provides an internet connection through a telephone line. Earlier a dial-up connection was used to provide internet but that was not as expected by the user. It is generally available in every shape and size. Earlier the broadband was difficult to use for using the broadband connection the user needs to hang up the cellphone just for the use of the internet but nowadays the channels are divided into two parts so that we can use the telephone and internet at the same time.  

Working of Broadband:

It is just like a dial-up connection, in this the DSL uses a particular wire i.e. copper phone wires and the coaxial cable are used for cable internet, some fiber-optic cables are used for fiber internet. Some wireless broadband connections are also available such as satellite, 4G, or 5G LTE. Every connection uses different frequencies that provide different ranges and internet speeds.  

Difference Between Wi-Fi and Broadband:




1. Wi-Fi is wireless connectivity that uses radio waves to provide an internet connection.  Broadband is open connectivity in which a high-speed internet connection is always available. 
2. It is having great portability.  It is having fewer portability features.
3. More network blocking can be faced in this. Less network blocking can be faced in this.
4. It is very expensive.  It is less expensive. 
5. Wi-Fi relies on the original devices that produce the internet.  Broadband doesn’t rely on the original devices, it has the capacity to provide higher internet connectivity. 
6. It connects devices to home and business networks. While it connects those networks to the internet.
7. 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n are four major types of WiFi technology. DSL, cable, fiber optic, and satellite are four common forms of broadband.
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