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Difference between white hat SEO and gray hat SEO

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1. White Hat SEO: It is the most popular SEO technique that utilizes methods and technologies to improve search engine rankings. White hat SEO uses technologies like high-quality content, link acquisition, etc. 

2. Gray Hat SEO: Gray Hat SEO is neither black nor white, it rather combines both. It converts White Hat SEO to Black Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO to White Hat SEO techniques. 

Difference between White Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO :

S. No. White hat SEO Gray hat SEO
1. Content is written to assist users in navigating the site, to answer questions, and to entertain them. The content is just for the aim of improving the page’s rating. It has just enough keywords to get people to the website, but it doesn’t add any value.
2. It follows SEO guidelines. It also follows SEO guidelines.
3. It helps in growth in ranking of websites. It helps in conversion from White Hat SEO to Black Hat SEO and vice versa.

Some of the Techniques used in White Hat SEO-

Research and relevant keyword selection
Texts of high quality and originality, updated on a regular basis.
Keywords appear in headings and subheadings.
Original photos of high quality.
Making content for people rather than search engines and many more

Some of the Techniques used in Black Hat SEO–

Buying previously owned domain names
Buying followers and automating social media
Duplicate content
Purchasing link
Usage of Hidden text in increasing keyword density
Spinning content
Cloaking and many more

5. It is not much risker. Gray hat SEO is much more risker than White Hat SEO.
6. It makes your site easy to navigate. It redesigns your websites at regular interval.
7. It is safe and recommended SEO techniques. It is between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.
8. It is mobile friendly. It is risky but it can improve the ranking of your site without negative consequence.
9. It provides site security. It adds good relevant link to the page.
8. It also provides UX design. It selects good and notable topic.
9. It includes standard HTML It also called as computer security expert who may sometimes violates laws or typical standards.
10. It is best approaching tactics for driving traffic to a site. It is also best approaching tactics for driving traffic to a site.
11. White hat techniques are more likely to withstand the test of time. Gray hat strategies may face further scrutiny from search engines in the future, reducing their usefulness.
12. Making valuable material for users with the intention of teaching, informing, or pleasing them. By the criteria given above, creating content just for the purpose of obtaining links could be regarded against Google’s guidelines.
13. It’s useful for forming online user networks, among other things.  Improves the ranking of websites without having any negative impacts.
14. It takes a long time for White Hat SEO to produce the intended results.   It’s not a good idea to use it for long-term strategic planning.
15. It is permissible.  It is legal, but it carries a higher risk than the others.
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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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