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Difference Between VB.NET and Java

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  • Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2022

Visual Basic .NET is a high-level programming language that was initially developed in 1991 run on .NET platforms. It was the first programming language that directly supported programming graphical user interfaces using language-supplied objects. It supports all the concepts of an object-oriented such as object, class, encapsulation, etc.

Java programming language is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems to allow software developers to create web-based applications and other software. It is used in distributed environments. Java-based applications are highly secure, robust, extensible portable, etc.

Differences between VB.NET and Java

Basis VB.NET  Java
1. Development It was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was developed by Sun Microsystems and is now owned by Oracle.
2. Syntax Derive Visual Basic syntax derives from Algol. Java syntax derives from the C programming language.
3. Semicolon  A semicolon is not required. A semicolon is required in Java.
4. Keyword In VB.NET Dim keyword is used to declare variable names and their data types.  In Java, there is no use of the Dim variable.
5. Platform Dependency VB.NET is a platform-dependent language.  Java is a platform-independent language that is it can be run on any Operating system which is able to install JVM. 
6. Architecture VB.NET supports disconnected Architecture. Java supports connected architecture.
7. Database Connectivity  VB.NET supports ADO.NET database connectivity. Java language supports JDBC and ODBC database connectivity.
8. Runtime Environment The VB.NET runtime environment is known as Common Language Runtime. Java runtime environment is known as Java Virtual Machine.
9. Open Source VB.NET is not open-source because it requires a Windows License Java is an Open Sourced Language. 
10. Integrated Development Environment VB.NET uses a Microsoft Visual Studio IDE for developing an application. Java has various IDE for developing a java-based application such as Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.
11. Testing Unit VB.NET uses Microsoft Unit Testing Framework for testing. Java language uses Junit for unit testing.
12. LINQ VB.NET uses LINQ to define queries in .Net  Java language has no LINQ features.
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