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Difference Between VB.NET and C#

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  • Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2022
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Visual Basic .NET is a high-level programming language that was initially developed in 1991. It was the first programming language that directly supported programming graphical user interfaces using language-supplied objects. It supports all the concepts of an object-oriented such as object, class, encapsulation, etc.

C# is commonly pronounced as C-sharp. It is the object-oriented programming language that is run on the .NET framework. This language is developed by Microsoft. Various kinds of applications can be easily created by using this language. For example Mobile applications and game development.

Difference between VB.NET and C#:

Basis VB.NET C#
Pronunciation It is pronounced as Visual Basic  .NET. It is pronounced as C-Sharp.
Belonging It is an updated version of Classic Visual Basic 6.0. It belongs to the C family and it is evolved from C.
Variable Declaration Variables are declared using keywords such as Private, Protected, Friend and Static, etc. Variables are declared using declarations.
Object Creation The object is created using New and Create Object(). The object can be created using New.
Object Initialization In this, Sub New() is used to initialize, uses a newly created object. In this, constructors are used to initialize the object.
Class Declaration  In VB.NET declare a class by using Class <implementation> keyword. In C# declare a class by using the Class keyword.
Hiding  This feature will not be supported in VB. NET. This feature is supported by C#.
Default Property It is defined by using Default. It is defined by using Indexer.
Overloading Function In VB.NET for Overload a function or method Overloads keyword is used. In C# for Overload a function or method no language keyword is required for this purpose.
Exponential Operator It uses the ‘this’ operator. It does not use the ‘this’ operator.
Base Class In VB.NET refer to a base class by using the MyBase keyword. In C# refer to a base class by using the base keyword.
Object Clean It is done by Finalize Method. It is done explicitly by  Destructor.
Implementation It follows the Inheritance model. The basic interface is done by sing class or structure.
Error Handling It supports both structured and unstructured error handling. It supports only structured error handling.
Case Sensitivity It is case insensitive It is case-sensitive.
Shadowing This feature is supported in VB.NET. This feature is not supported in C#.
Termination of statement A semicolon is not used. A Semicolon is used.
Usage Basically used for the development of Microsoft-based applications. Basically used for the development of desktop-based applications.
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