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Difference between SRAM and DRAM

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2022
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Static Random Access Memory (SRAM): Data is stored in transistors and requires a constant power flow. Because of the continuous power, SRAM doesn’t need to be refreshed to remember the data being stored. SRAM is called static as no change or action i.e. refreshing is not needed to keep the data intact. It is used in cache memories. 

Advantage: Low power consumption and faster access speeds. 
Disadvantage: Fewer memory capacities and high costs of manufacturing. 

Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM): Data is stored in capacitors. Capacitors that store data in DRAM gradually discharge energy, no energy means the data has been lost. So, a periodic refresh of power is required in order to function. DRAM is called dynamic as constant change or action(change is continuously happening) i.e. refreshing is needed to keep the data intact. It is used to implement main memory. 

Advantage: Low costs of manufacturing and greater memory capacities. 
Disadvantage: Slow access speed and high power consumption.

Prerequisite - Different Types of RAM 

The difference between SRAM and DRAM are as follows: 

It stores information as long as the power is supplied.  It stores information as long as the power is supplied or a few milliseconds when power is switched off.
Transistors are used to store information in SRAM. Capacitors are used to store data in DRAM.
Capacitors are not used hence no refreshing is required. To store information for a longer time, contents of the capacitor need to be refreshed periodically.
SRAM is faster compared to DRAM. DRAM provides slow access speeds.
It does not have a refreshing unit.  It has a refreshing unit. 
These are expensive. These are cheaper.
SRAMs are low-density devices. DRAMs are high-density devices.
In this bits are stored in voltage form. In this bits are stored in the form of electric energy.
These are used in cache memories. These are used in main memories.
Consumes less power and generates less heat. Uses more power and generates more heat.
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