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Difference between Soft Computing and Hard Computing

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Jun, 2019
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Soft Computing could be a computing model evolved to resolve the non-linear issues that involve unsure, imprecise and approximate solutions of a tangle. These sorts of issues square measure thought of as real-life issues wherever the human-like intelligence is needed to resolve it.

Hard Computing is that the ancient approach employed in computing that desires Associate in Nursing accurately declared analytical model. the outcome of hard computing approach is a warranted, settled, correct result and defines definite management actions employing a mathematical model or algorithmic rule. It deals with binary and crisp logic that need the precise input file consecutive. Hard computing isn’t capable of finding the real world problem’s solution.

Difference between Soft Computing and Hard Computing:

S.NO Soft Computing Hard Computing
1. Soft Computing is liberal of inexactness, uncertainty, partial truth and approximation. Hard computing needs a exactly state analytic model.
2. Soft Computing relies on formal logic and probabilistic reasoning. Hard computing relies on binary logic and crisp system.
3. Soft computing has the features of approximation and dispositionality. Hard computing has the features of exactitude(precision) and categoricity.
4. Soft computing is stochastic in nature. Hard computing is deterministic in nature.
5. Soft computing works on ambiguous and noisy data. Hard computing works on exact data.
6. Soft computing can perform parallel computations. Hard computing performs sequential computations.
7. Soft computing produces approximate results. Hard computing produces precise results.
8. Soft computing will emerge its own programs. Hard computing requires programs to be written.
9. Soft computing incorporates randomness . Hard computing is settled.
10. Soft computing will use multivalued logic. Hard computing uses two-valued logic.
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