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Difference Between React Native and Xamarin

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  • Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2020
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Mobile applications are very handy when it comes to using them as our daily driver. Developing an application needs a lot of effort which frameworks reduce it to a greater extent. React Native and Xamarin are two tools that help us in developing mobile apps with ease and reduces the stress for dependencies. Let us Discuss them and see their advantages over others. 

React Native: React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework that is based on JavaScript and uses various components from React. This framework is capable of developing apps for iOS and Android using Facebook’s React library. It creates rich UI apps which is the main principle of React-based development. 


  • It helps us to build cross-platform mobile apps and reduces cost and effort.
  • Build apps are responsive and ensure great performance.


  • As it is JavaScript based as there is no support for decimals which makes it difficult for use in computation based apps.
  • Type A-security apps need to build with additional care.

Xamarin: Xamarin is an open-source framework that is used to develop mobile applications. It uses the concepts of the C# programming language and is introduced by Microsoft. This framework uses JavaScript and HTML to maintain the UI for the application. It supports smart wearables and runs on Linux, Unix, and .NET. It supports the sharing of code for a various platform for which you need to develop the application. 


  • It allows integration for the application logic at different layers and supports code reusability.
  • It is based on components and Xamarin has tons of components to be used.


  • The time is taken by the apps after receiving an update is a lot.
  • With more relations and various devices, it gets difficult to manage.

Differences Between React Native and Xamarin

S.No. React Native Xamarin
1. React Native framework is developed by a group of individuals of Facebook. Xamarin framework is developed by Microsoft.
2. It is an open-source framework founded in the year 2015. It is an open-source framework founded in the year 2013.
3. It is based on JavaScript, which is a prerequisite to developing applications in React Native. It is based in C# and .NET and is a prerequisite to know it.
4. UI designed with React Native is considered to be slow as Xamarin’s. It is known for developing fast and responsive UI.
5. Reactive native apps are less scalable but more productive. Xamarin apps are more scalable but less productive.
6. It uses all the core libraries of React and provides a large variety of features. It uses its libraries and has low features than React Native.
7. The installation of React Native is very simple and fast. The installation of Xamarin is difficult as compare to react.
8. Provides support for unit testing but requires extra Android emulator. Unit testing is fast as it is inbuilt into Xamarin.
9. It is available for free and it has a huge community. It is available for free but has paid advanced options and has a market community.
10. Examples- Instagram, Facebook Ads, Walmart etc. Examples- Storyo, Olo, JustGiving, etc.
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