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Difference between Node.js AJAX and jQuery

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2021
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In this article, we will discuss the difference between NodeJs, AJAX, and JQuery. First, let us discuss JavaScript, JavaScript is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the technology sector. Because it is a very flexible programming language with some very useful advantages like hosting, dynamic prototyping, and more. All this has been possible due to some of its important frameworks and libraries.

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NodeJs: NodeJs is a runtime environment for JavaScript, working on the v8 engine, which is very powerful, so nodeJs takes advantage of this to allow JavaScript to be run as a server-side language with the help of nodeJs.

AJAX: AJAX stands for asynchronous javascript and XML the user to make a request to the server for the data without any reloading and without block, any other request also so provide a smooth performance to fetch the data to the server and show to the page.

JQuery: This javascript library makes everything easy and provides a very effective method for doing something in the front end and gives many essential features like browser event handling, DOM animations, Ajax interactions, and cross-browser JavaScript development.

Difference between Nodejs, AJAX, and jQuery:

NodeJs AJAX JQuery
NodeJs is an open-source framework based on JavaScript v8 engine.  AJAX is a web development technique for making asynchronous calls to the server. jQuery is a JavaScript library for designing and make some web development tasks easy.
It makes it possible to run javascript outside of the browser. It works on the browser or outside the browser also. It makes it easy to use AJAX in your project.
It works with one non-blocking i/o modal. It works with one non-blocking asynchronous request. Block other events if the current event is running.
It only works with JavaScript. Because it is the runtime environment for JavaScript. It works with various technologies. It also works with different technologies.
It is written in C, C++, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript This is written in JavaScript. This is also written in JavaScript.
They support dependency injection in terms of packages. It does not support any dependency injection. It support but is very limited to front-end dependency injection.
It works on the server-side. It only works on the client-side. It also works on the client-side.
For creating a server machine or serving static or dynamic files around the Internet. Fetching data from API endpoints. Works only to build the rich front-end user interface.
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