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Difference between LoRaWAN and NB-IoT

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Pre-Requisite – Data link Layer Protocols In Internet of Things

1. LoRaWAN :
LoRaWAN is comes under MAC layer protocol, which is made for large scale public area networks. LoRaWAN is created using Semtech’s LoRa technology. LoRa and LoraWAN comes under the non-cellular wireless communication network protocols.It follows chirp spread spectrum modulation (CSS modulation).

2. NB-IoT :
NB-IoT is also known as Narrow band IoT, which is recognized as wireless communication for the Internet of Things . NB-IoT comes under the category of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks), having the capability to connect devices which require small amounts of data, low bandwidth, and long battery life.

NB-IoT is a narrow band radio technology for IoT devices and applications which requires wireless connectivity over a long range at a low cost and using little power for long battery lives respectively.

Difference between LoRaWAN and NB-IoT :

Modulation LORAWAN uses chirp spread spectrum modulation. NB-IoT uses Quadrature phase shift keying modulation.
Frequency It uses 868MHz in Europe, 915MHz in North America, 433MHz in Asia (Unlicensed ISM bands). It uses Licensed LTE frequency Bands.
Bandwidth LORAWAN has 250KHz and 125KHz bandwidth. NB-IoT has 200KHz bandwidth.
Maximum message/day Maximum Message it can send per day is unlimited. In this technology maximum message/day is also unlimited.
Maximum Data Rate The maximum data rate in case of LoRaWAN is 50Kbps. The maximum data rate in case of NB-IoT is 200Kbps.
Maximum Payload Length In LORAWAN, the maximum payload length is 243bytes. In NB-IoT, the maximum payload length is 1600bytes.
Range The Range of LoRaWAN is 5 km in urban, 20 km in rural area. The Range of NB-IoT is 1 km in urban, 10 km in rural area.
Interference Immunity Interference immunity in case of LORAWAN is very high. Interference immunity in case of NB-Iot is Low.
Authentication and Encryption It supports AES 128b as encryption technique . It supports LTE encryption technique.
Adaptive Data Rate LORAWAN supports Adaptive Data Rate (ADR). It does not support Adaptive Data Rate (ADR).

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Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2020
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