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Difference between Information Architecture and Interaction Design

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Information Architecture : Information Architecture, as the name suggests, acts as a blueprint and helps in deciding how to arrange parts of content to be understandable by users or visitors. It is simply a visual representation of product infrastructure, features, and hierarchy.  

Interaction Design : Interaction Design, as the name suggests, is a process of designing interactive digital products, defining the structure and behavior of the interactive systems, focusing on the way users interact with products, and creating engaging interfaces with well thought out behaviors.  

Information Architecture vs Interaction Design  

Information Architecture 

Interaction Design  

It mainly focuses on organizing and labeling websites to support usability.   It mainly focuses on designing interactive digital products, environments, systems and services.  
It generally defines information structure to show how user find information they are looking for.   It generally defines system behaviors to show how uses take action that they want.  
It also focuses on different things such as users, software used on website, existing data, how it will be represented to ensure that information is helpful for customer and software help to organize information in better way.   It also focuses on creating seam less interface that is packed with tools essential to complete goal.  
Information architect is responsible for researching business and audience, analyzing data and organizing, labeling and developing website structure, etc.   Interaction designer is responsible for performing usability tests and customer interviews, producing and designing various interactive page layouts, preparing documents for visual teams, etc.  
It deals with layout, navigation and its types, search systems, etc.   It deals with how to aid user actions, triggered reactions, allowing users to complete what they want.  
It is all about how the application is structured in ease of finding information.   It is all about reaction between application and its users whenever they interact.  
It simply changes content from complex content into well-organized and understandable content.   It simply changes the situation by shaping and deploying artifacts.  
It is part of the structure relevant to the content of the interface.   It is part of the structure relevant to flow or transition of interface. 
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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021
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