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Difference between Hardware and Technology

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1. Hardware :
Computer Hardware, as name suggest, are simply physical components or machinery or equipment’s of computer that are used to make computer work and perform tasks for which that are specially designed and are therefore considered life support of computer.

2. Technology :
Technology, as name suggests, are set of tools, methods, systems, devices used for practical purposes and solve problems and makes us feel more secure with every area in life as well as makes business feel safer.

Difference between Hardware and Technology :

Hardware Technology
Computer Hardware are physical components required for computer to function. Technology is set of tools that makes things easier and resolve problems.  
It is physical component that encompasses everything with circuit board that usually executes or functions within computer or laptop. It is methods or tools used in business or industry for production of goods and services.
Features of hardware includes tangible, physical component, storing capacity, provide support, durability, etc. Features of technology include work functional and practical way, socially embedded activity, uses and produce technological knowledge, design and functions, etc.
Type of computer hardware includes monitor, motherboard, CPU, Hard disk drives, optical disc drive, etc. Types of technology includes mechanical, communication, electronic, technical, information, product, construction, architecture, etc.
Benefits of hardware include store data, increase performance and efficiency, automate tasks, saves time, etc. Benefits of technology includes better communication, cost efficiency, better learning techniques, saves time, etc.
Its main purpose is to make any electronic or computer device work and execute tasks. Its main purpose is to enhance capabilities of people expand human possibilities.
Hardware’s are important for computer to work properly and computer cannot function without computer hardware’s. It is important because it is used in all areas of life and makes life more simple.
Computer hardware update is important as it keep computer system at peak efficiency and it increases performance that make computer run faster and smoothly. Old technologies does not have system requirements that are needed to run software therefore technologies requires to be replaced or updated with new evolving technologies.
Factors needed to be considered while selecting computer hardware includes features and functions, durability, speed, performance, fulfill requirements or not, etc. Factors needed to be considered while selecting technologies includes need, cost and time, credibility, adaptability, productivity, etc.

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Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020
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