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Difference between Dual Core and Octa Core Processors

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  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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Dual-Core processors are those processing units that have two cores. A core is like a processing part that can complete a single time at a point in time so dual-core means that processing can be done at a faster rate. Dual-core processing systems allow performing more than one function at a time.

Octa-core processors are those processing systems that have eight cores which are arranged in two sets of four cores, each core can perform the work as that of a quad-core processing system. It was designed to give high performance and speed as compared to any other processing system.


Following is a table of differences between Dual-Core and Octa-core Processors:




1. In dual-core processors, two cores are provided and each core is assigned a different task. Oct core consists of eight cores arranged in two sets each containing four cores.
2. It has only two cores so it uses less power as compared to Octa-core. It uses more power as compared to dual-core processors.
3. It is unable to perform a large number of tasks at the same time. It can handle many jobs at the same time due to 8 cores. 
4. Computational speed is slower as compared to octa-core processors. It has a high computational speed as compared to dual-core processors.
5. This processor is not made to use heavy graphic applications. All types of heavy graphic applications run smoothly.
6. It is designed to provide good performance. The performance of octa-core processors is impeccable.
7. Tasks like 3D animation, gaming, VFX etc cannot be done on these processors. Tasks like VFX, 3D, and gaming can be easily done on these processors.
8. Heat generation in these types of processors is less. Heat generation in these types of processors is more.
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