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Difference between Domain and Server

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  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2021
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1. Domain :

In Computer Networks, a domain is any collections of nodes, workstations, devices, file servers, database servers, etc. which are meant to be sharing the resources and information with each other efficiently. Further we have various different kinds of subdomains.

Every domain is equipped with a domain controller of its own that holds the responsibility of governing all the basic functionalities of the domain and managing the security issues in the network. A domain has the task of managing the access to resources of the network and authentication of users via their unique identification ids and passwords. This way a domain implements levels of accessing the resources of the network associated with various types of users.

2. Server :

Server in Computer Network is a one of the two components of the Client-Server Architecture. A server is any network device such as a computer or even a program which is used to manage the resources of the network and provide the functionalities and privileges to other nodes of the network. Theoretically speaking any computer or device at any instance sharing resources with other client nodes can be called as a server. Usually in practical usage however servers are made to exclusively serve a particular purpose. Some such types of servers are database servers, file servers, web servers, mail servers, proxy servers, print servers, etc.

Difference between Domain and Server :



A domain is group of nodes, workstations, devices and other servers, etc that are meant to share resources and data. A server itself is often a part of a domain along with other clients and servers. These may be devices, computers, programs, etc. that are dedicated to provide certain privileges and functionalities.
A domain has the responsibility governing basic functions, managing access control, authentication, etc. A server has the task of providing network resource or privileges to other client members of the network. 
A domain is uniquely identified using a domain name and there are further many subdomains possible in a network.  Servers are made to serve a particular purposes and are thus classified according to their roles such as cloud servers, print servers, file servers, web servers, domain servers, etc.
A domain is not a physical device rather is a group of devices there it doesn’t need connecting devices such as switches or routers. A server is connected to other clients and network devices using switches, routers or other similar intermediary devices from where clients can access the features and services being provided.
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