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Difference Between CCNA and CCENT

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  • Last Updated : 15 May, 2022
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CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and this certification is provided by Cisco through the Netacad platform. Cisco is one of the main organizations in the networking and cyber security field and it provides a number of certifications in the cyber security and networking field. CCNA is one of the valuable certificates as its course structure includes practical knowledge of switching, and routing, making them secure using different tactics. It helps in getting an internship at Cisco.

CCENT stands for Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician and this is an entry-level certificate. The course structure of this certificate is designed in such a way to provide basic technical knowledge about switches, hubs routers, different types of cables, and their uses. It helps in understanding the communication network among different devices.



 Difference  between CCNA and CCENT:

1. CCNA requires the skills equivalent to a CCENT certificate to obtain this highly advanced certificate. CCENT is the first standard for a Cisco Networking certificate.
2. CCNA-certified IT professionals are qualified for the job as internetwork engineers and LAN / WAN engineers. It requires passing one exam only to get certified. The CCENT certificate demonstrates the skills to install, operate and maintain networks for small businesses and to provide basic security to those networks.
3. This certificate covers how to resolve basic security threats to keep networks safe from phishing and viruses that could harm confidential user data. This certificate covers the basic Networking and communication skills of Cisco.
4. The CCNA certification curriculum is much more advanced as it includes more information about setting up an internet network.  CCENT has a curriculum based on basic and foundational levels of information about computer systems.
5. Job roles provided for CCNA certified candidates are Network Support Analyst, Junior Network Engineer, etc. Job roles provided for CCENT certified candidates are System Engineer, Network Administrator, etc.
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