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Difference between Angular Material and Bootstrap

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  • Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2021
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Angular Material: Angular is a framework that is open-source and written in TypeScript. Angular framework is officially maintained by Google Organization and its main objective is to develop and design single web page applications. Angular Material is a User-interface module developed for Angular JS developers. This Material module assists in building shiny, confident, and attractive web-based applications. Angular Material component is inspired by Google Material Design. It was created in the year 2014.

Bootstrap: No one Web Developer can design a Web-based Application by ignoring Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the most well-liked HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework which aims to design and develop responsive websites. Bootstrap framework is open-source, free to download and use. Mainly Bootstrap framework works on the front-end which includes design templates for buttons, tables, navigation, and a lot more. It was created in the year 2011.

Difference between Angular Material and Bootstrap:

Angular Material


Angular Material consists of UI/UX components in Angular. Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework. 
Angular Material Framework is managed and maintained by Google Organization. Bootstrap Framework is developed by Twitter Blueprint.
Angular Material component offers enhanced user-interface to users. Bootstrap framework offers a simple, neat, and clean user-interface to users.
Angular Material Framework provides a plain card for UI design.  Bootstrap provides plenty of color-specific options rather than cards.
Unique components found in Angular Material Framework are snackbar, chips, progress spinner, sort headers, icon, etc. Unique components found in the Bootstrap framework are alerts, collapse, jumbotron, breadcrumb, etc.
Angular Material Framework can be used to design High-quality websites and web apps that are mobile-friendly. Bootstrap Framework can be used for developing cross-platform apps that work well on desktops. 
Angular Material Framework does not support the Responsive Oriented Approach (ROA). Bootstrap Framework supports the Responsive Oriented Approach (ROA).
Angular Material Framework provides alternatives for buttons which are Primary, Warm, Accent, Link, Disabled, etc. Bootstrap offers around 8 color alternates which are, Primary, Secondary, Danger, Success, Dark, Info, Link, and Warning. 
Waaark is an example of a Material-based website Apple Music is an example of a Bootstrap-based website
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