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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2021
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Opted Degree : CSE/ECE/MCA

Criteria: 7.0 CGPA & Above

Round 1: Online Assessment

Round 1 consisted of 3 questions with the difficulty Easy/Medium, Medium, Hard and was conducted on HackerEarth Platform. The scores were 20+50+50 for questions for a total time of 90 minutes( 1hour 30minutes).

  1. Given a binary string find the subsequence that is odd and maximum among all the odd subsequences.
  2. Given N Servers and a server number associated for each of the N servers such that it could reach that particular server given in 1-time unit. Calculate the Number of servers that could reach the Nth Server and each of its times.
  3. It was a Graph Problem using DFS and several constraints for the traversal had to be considered.

I was able to solve All the questions with 3-4 test cases failed in each. After a day they announced the results and only 2 were shortlisted among all.

Round 2: Technical Interview ( 1hour )

There was a PPT(Pre Placement Talk) Session before the interview process began at 8 AM. Due to Covid Restrictions, all the further rounds were virtual on 10-Aug-2021.

  • The interviewer began with “Tell me about yourself” and he mentioned the length of the interview and started with the questions.
  • Swap two numbers without a temporary variable.
  • Arrays VS Linked Lists
  • One Medium level question on Graphs. Similar to “Find the minimum number of intermediate nodes between X & Y nodes”. He asked me to choose the platform of my choice and asked to implement the solution and we checked with few test cases.
  • Few CS Fundamentals include: Static in OOPS
  • Thrashing in OS
  • Fragmentation in OS
  • Stack, its methods, and its real-time example and use cases.

I was able to answer all the questions and this round went for more than an hour and the interviewer was in a rush as the time was up because there was a power failure at his side and the round was a bit extended.

Round 3: Technical Interview( 1 hour 30 minutes )

The round started with the interviewer saying “We are going to keep this round extensive as the previous round went with some issues”. So the planned time is for 1hour and it went for 30 minutes more.

  • There were questions only based on my resume. The interviewer had my resume scanned from top to bottom and asked questions on all the mentioned. They include
  • Started with my internship experience, tools worked on, my contributions, the type of work and this went for around 15 minutes.
  • Then moved to my projects mentioned in the areas of Deep Learning and Data Mining. The interviewer tested my depth of knowledge on these areas and asked me toWrite Pseudo Code/Algorithm” on how they work. This went for nearly 25minutes.
  • One DSA Problem on Linked List: a small Twist in “Detect loop in a list” and I coded the same.
  • DSA Question on Implementing Heap Sort and its complexity analysis and comparison with other sorting algorithms.
  • Again CS Fundamentals: Singleton class, Tree Pruning, Lambda expressions/functions, OOPS concepts. For all of them, I did explain them well and gave examples, and sometimes code with examples. Discussion took about 20 minutes
  • Then moved on to asking a general question for the rest of the time on my resume like why this college, about grades, location preference, etc.,

Finally, the interviewer asked “Any questions from your side ?” and I asked a few. Be prepared to ask questions that show your interest in the organization. I asked about the interviewer’s business line, the location and projects.

Round 4: Technical HR Interview( 45 minutes )

The round started with the interviewer letting me know that they are going to test me based on how I am going to answer all the hypothetical questions and quickly moved on to the questions. The interviewer was a senior person with an experience more than my age and was also a chilled out person as he made me very much comfortable before starting with the questions.

  • First, it started with my projects on my Resume and my contributions to it.
  • The difficulties I had faced during my internships as a team and as an individual.
  • Location preferences and adaptability.
  • What are you expecting as a fresher at DB?
  • Since the interviewer was a football fan( me too ) and one of my projects was based on that. We went on to discuss that a lot and minutes just went by.
  • The interviewer concluded the interview by saying, “Any questions for me ?”.
  • Since DB is now only on a recruiting spree and I am very less aware of what will be the work and techs used at DB. I did ask a lot of questions as I had noted all the questions in a notepad. He politely answered all the questions and clearly explained to me about the work I will be doing and Techs used and all the related. My expectations and his answers were in line and I felt confident after this round.

Round 5: HR Interview ( 25 minutes )

Started with “Tell me about yourself”. I mixed a bit of technical and non-technical aspects of myself and delivered it. This moreover felt like a conversation and the interviewer threw some hypothetical questions to me which includes:

  • Offers from Google, Microsoft, and DB. which one will you choose?
  • FinTech company? Why?
  • Hobbies and Location preference. Why? – We spoke a lot about my hobbies and his hobbies.
  • He asked few questions from the (Pre Placement Talk)PPT session.
  • I asked a few things like “What’s your role at DB ?”, “Expectations from a fresher at DB” and so.
  • The interview made me feel convinced that I am part of something big and in the end, it felt more like the interviewer advising me on my career like to stress less and enjoy life. Don’t get into a burnout phase and pursue hobbies at free time and so on. It was really nice to interact with the interviewer and finally said “We will communicate the results to the placement cell !” and I left the meet saying “Bye and Stay Safe”.

At around 7 PM, the Placement cell announced the results and I was happy to hear that 2 from our college got selected.

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