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Deutsche Bank Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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  • Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2022

Coding Round(Duration->1hr 10min): The round consisted of 2 coding question(25 point each/Total 50 points) and 10 subject related MCQ(4 points each/Total 40 points).

Coding Question 1: There are 2 hospitals( A & B) and N medicine boxes. Each hospital alternatively sends a nurse to pick the medicine boxes stating with Hospital A. The Constraint is that the nurse can either pick 1 medicine box or even number of medicine boxes. We have to tell which hospital will be the last one to pick the box, given the values of N.


if N==3 ans=B else ans=A

Coding Question 2: There are N candy shops, each shop sells a candy at the rate of c[i] rupees. You have to visit each shop in order and upon reaching the i-th shop you have 2 choices: 

  • either to pay c[i] amount and buy 1 candy or,
  • you pay x rupees and skip this shop.

The constraint is that we can only skip at most 3 shops in a row and we cannot skip 1st and last shop.

Solution: The solution is constructed using DP.

The logic I used was :

  • dp[0]=c[0];
  • dp[i]=c[i]+min({dp[i-1],dp[i-2]+x,dp[i-3]+2*x,dp[i-4]+3*x});

Out to 250+ students who appeared for coding round only 34 were shortlisted based on there coding round performances.

All those who were able to solve both the coding question were shortlisted.

Interview 1(Technical Interview – Duration->45min): The interview was basically to test my technical knowledge. It started with a mini introduction of myself and then series of questions were thrown on me :).

DSA Questions

  • I was asked to explain what is a data structures?
  • My favorite Data Structure and its real life application?
  • A real life situation which resembles Heap?…..this question a was bit tricky as I was not able to relate anything and I guessed many things like a drawer, a cupboard as they occupy variable space(as the Question was about heap). Then the interviewer told me that my answer could have been a lab/classroom where teachers are constant but the number of students are variable.

Coding Question

  • The interviewer asked me to share my screen and open notepad to code whatever he tell me to code.
  • I was asked about my preferred language and then hi gave me the question.
  • Initially I chose C++ as my preferred language.

Question: write a program which generates random number between 0 and 1000 and print it if it is between 0 and 99.

Solution and Interaction while solving: I didn’t recall the C++ function to generate number and I informed the same to my interviewer and asked him to switch my language to java.

  • He told me that he can help me by providing the function for C++ but then he changed his mind and told me that if I want I can switch.
  • Then I wrote the code (in Java) that would generate a number for 1 time only and then I asked him if he wants me to print for n times(by using a loop) or make it user driven.
  • Then he told me to make it user driven but with a added constraint that I should ask for user input only when I have printed 20 values.
  • I implemented this using a count variable, to count for 20 print values, and prompting the user to enter 0 or 1 in order to exit or continue respectively and also handling the Input Mismatch Error so that user can only enter integer as input.
  • Then he asked me what would happen if the user enter 5.
  • I forgot to handle that condition and I told him the same and then handled the wrong input and he told that this was the perfect solution and this part ended.

Error In Code

This round was to check how well versed I am with the syntax of the coding languages.

one of the code given to me was


int main()

Open-Ended Question: This round was basically to test how I apply myself in real life.

Question: How would you explain internet to your grandmother?

My Reply

  • I spoke my mind out, I told him that I would do a video call to my father and tell my grandmother that by using Internet we can do this kind of stuff, basically I meant that I would show them practically the advantages of Internet to make them understand what Internet is.
  • He was pretty satisfied and he asked me if I have any question for him.
  • I asked him in which department he works and about his life at Deutsche bank and the work he undertook as an employee of the software department.

Out of the 34 selected only 13 people were shortlisted for the next interview.

Interview 2(Pro-Fit Round – Duration->30min)

  • This round was to check whether or not I will be able to fit in there culture or not.
  • It started with a brief introduction of myself, area of interest etc.

Project: He asked me to tell him about the functionality of one of my project mentioned in my resume. It was a short and sweet discussion and then we moved on to next section.

Behavioral Question: These Questions were based on a few reply which I had mentioned earlier and accordingly the questions were made, so be carefull about each word you utter during the interview.

Question 1:

Pre-Question Info: I had mentioned in my introduction that I am in Basketball team of by college and thus I was asked a question pertaining to situation based on a basketball match.

Scenario: If you have made a match winning shoot and your team is declared the winner and then you realize that the point is awarded wrongly, what would you do?


  • I told him that I would consult the referee and leave it upon the referee to decide. I also mentioned that I have been groomed, since my early days, to be honest, if I have committed a FOUL then it was customary practice to raise the hand and let the referee know that I was the one who committed the foul.
  • Likewise I tried to convince him about how honest I will be and told him about my past experiences.

Question 2

Pre-Question Info: I had mentioned earlier that I have explored ML but I don’t feel like diving deep into it.

Scenario: if we hire you and put you in a project where ML is required, so would you tell no? How would you react?


  • I told him that I Believe that ML is the future. In a due course of time there would be a requirement for me to learn ML. It just that at present I do not feel like diving deep into ML but in the near future I will be compelled to learn ML.
  • I tried to make him realize that I am open to changes and we ended this part of the interview.

Open Ended Question: This round was basically to test how well versed I am with myself.

Question: Where do you sell yourself after 5 Years.


  • Well don’t exaggerate and ne realistic.
  • I told him that I see myself at a very good position in a Good MNC applying my skills to benefit the company.
  • This is how this Interview Ended.

Out of the 13 selected only 10 people were shortlisted for the next interview.

Interview 3(HR Round – Duration->20 min):

  • This round was more like a validation round where they checked whether the shortlisted candidates are eligible enough.
  • It started with a brief introduction.

Discussion on my Project: I was asked by the interviewer to explain my projects in detail, a few questions I was asked are mentioned below:

  • How did you get the idea to develop such a project.
  • Difficulties Faced
  • conflict with partner and how did you resolved it.
  • I was given a situation that your partner wants to go ahead with developing the project, without naming it, and you want to name the project first. How would you resolve this conflict.

General Questions: These were some general questions.

  • Why DB?
  • Do you know what exactly we do? etc.
  • where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Family Background.

  • They asked for each family member father, mother, even sibling as well.
  • Do you have permission to work in India.

And this marked the end of the Interview.

Total 9 students were selected for the internship and I was one of them.


  • DB mainly focuses on DBMS and OOPs.
  • Communication skills must be good.


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