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Deloitte USI Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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Deloitte USI came into our college with two profiles:-

  1. Business Technology Analyst (BTA) – Consulting
  2. A&A Analytics Assistant – Technical Profile

We had to give preference while form-filling among which I prioritized technical profile. Later on, when Round 1 was supposed to start, we had to enter our profile choice (No Preference now). The complete placement process comprised of 4 rounds and all these rounds were conducted virtually amidst the Pandemic period.

Round 1 (Online Test):

The first round was an online aptitude test on AMCAT, which had three sections. Sections comprised of Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, and Verbal Ability. Each of the section had its fixed sectional time to solve. One cannot go back to the question which he/she has visited and marked. There was only a one-time view and since there was no negative marking, we were supposed to mark the question with any answer then only we could have moved forward to the next question. Questions were of moderate level, some easy, some tricky but overall doable.

Approximately 2500+ students filled up the form for both Profiles among which 270 students qualified for Round 2. 180 in Consulting Profile and 90 in Technical Profile.


Round 2 (Group Discussion):

In Technical Profile second round was Group Discussion (GD). For the consulting profile, it was JAM (just a minute) session where you have to speak on a topic spontaneously for a minute and answer some relevant questions. Coming to the GD round, every group consisted of nearly 7 members and two panelists. A topic was given and 2 minutes to think and start. My group had “How to tackle Financial Crimes with Technology” as the topic. We had to discuss possible solutions and land on a conclusion within the time-frame told us. GD session was healthy and panelists were listening with proper attention and noting down significant points.

After the GD round, from my group, 3 people qualified for Round 3, and in total 44 qualified out of the 90 students. Alongside in Consulting profile approximately, 92 students qualified for Round 3 after the JAM session.


Round 3 (Level 1 Interview):

In Technical Profile, the third round was planned as a Level 1 Interview. Two rounds of Interviews were scheduled for Technical Profile. On the other hand, Consulting Profile had just one round of interviews. In the Level 1 Interview, there were two interviewers and I got asked several things, tech, non-tech, and some HR questions. Some of them are:

  • Introduce yourself and as I said about my qualifications and projects so hand-in-hand questions regarding my project they asked.
  • I was asked to state some skills which I would say I’m proficient in. I said Problem Solving, Data Structures, and a good hand in Database and SQL.
  • For the Problem Solving domain, they gave me some puzzles among which I solved all of them except one.
  • They asked in which language I code, I replied with CPP so they asked some basic syntactical and knowledge-based questions of CPP.
  • Then I was asked several questions Database domain. They started from very basics like what is DDL, DML, and went through JOIN operations, SELECT queries, Sub-Query concepts, etc.
  • Questions regarding my project were mainly why I created, what challenges I faced (both technical and managerial) while making it, what was my position (since it was a group project) and what were my contributions

My Level 1 Interview lasted for 35 minutes. Interviewers were very helping and understanding, they were looking at how I am attempting than what answer I am reaching.

Out of 44 students, 15 students qualified for Round 4. In the Consulting profile, since they had only one interview round, out of 92 students, 50 of them converted for Full-Time Role.


Round 4 (Level 2 Interview):

This round of interviews consisted of two interviewers (and it wasn’t an HR round). It started with a brief introduction and then they asked some series of questions.

  • A basic Relative Motion question was asked with some details which they were expecting me to solve without using a pen and paper, and I did that.
  • Then they also gave me some puzzles among which I solved all except one.
  • Then they started asking in-detail about my Projects and what are its feasibility in real-life.
  • After projects, they started putting me in some situations where I had to analyze and come up with some conclusions. Mainly they were some problem areas and my Analytical Skills were getting checked. I answered as per my knowledge and ability.
  • Then they asked me do I know about any Data Visualisation tools, of which I answered No. They gave me a situation to go through with a database and attributes and asked questions. They were moderate level questions, but it was all about how you analyze things.
  • They asked me to give a solution to the above problem with the help of any graphical means I know. I answered by using Graphs, Charts, etc.

Level 2 Interview mainly comprised of how I analyze things. It lasted for 55 minutes and in the last 10 minutes, I was asked some HR questions like long-term goals, short-term goals. Then I was asked do I have any queries. I asked about how a day looks at Deloitte for a fresher. They answered that question in a very friendly manner.

In the end, 7 students were finally selected for a full-time role as A&A Analytics Assistant at Deloitte US-India and I was one of them.


Some Tips:

  • Be Confident and try to come up with answers promptly or just say No if you don’t know the answer. Do not waste time landing up to no answers.
  • Communicate well, keep talking while solving any problem, stay connected.
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Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020
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