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Deloitte USI Interview Experience for Associate Analyst

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  • Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2022
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Online Test: (6 September 2022): I applied for the role of Associate Analyst at Deloitte USI in the final year of my BCA. 

  • At first, there was an online test that had basic questions about Quants, Reasoning, Verbal, and the basics of C/C++ and data structures.
  • There were questions about predicting the output of a C code snippet, but it’s not very tough.

The results were announced within the week and I received the email for the interview.

Technical Interview: (21 September 2022): The technical interview was mostly based on the things that I mentioned on my resume.

  • I was an academic topper and had projects, that were a convincing edge for me. 
  • Later the interviewer gave me some scenario-based questions to check how I would deal with the client. 
  • Maybe my English was not very refined but I had confidence in my way of presenting, it took like 30 minutes for the interview to conclude. 
  • And yes the interview happened over ZOOM so make sure your internet is consistent. 

Result: SELECTED (Results were announced that same day over Zoom conference)


  • Be confident about what you say, and be sure to have good command over OOPs and C / C++ because as fresher they only see the strengths of these skills only.
  • Don’t brag about anything on your resume, be honest, or at least you know enough to convince that you know it. 
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