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Deloitte On-Campus Interview Experience

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Deloitte visited our campus (NIT Andhra Pradesh) on 19-8-2019. There were 3 rounds.

1. Aptitude test: Hosted on amcat aspiring minds platform. The test was held a week before they visited our campus.
Quant: 25 questions in 35 minutes. They are really very easy. You may not even need practice. But to improve your accuracy and speed, just go through the basics. The topics include logarithms, H.C.F and L.C.M, simple and compound interest, time speed and distance, permutations and combinations, profit and loss, probability, divisibility, time and work, etc.
Logical: 24 questions in 35 minutes. These are easy too but not as easy as Quant. Topics covered were blood relations, direction sense, alphabet and numeric series, coding and decoding, seating arrangement, clocks, analytical puzzles, etc.
Verbal: 20 questions in 25 minutes. This is the hardest part of all. Synonyms and antonyms of moderate level were asked (Eg. flabbergasted, peril, etc.). 2 passages, parajumbles, correction of sentences were given.

You cannot go to the previous question once you answer it. There is no negative marking. It is not an adaptive test.
Out of 170 members, 62 were qualified to the next round.

2. JAM round: The 62 members are divided into 6 groups. Each group is monitored by single panelist. You have to choose a number from 1-20 and the corresponding topic is given to you. If you are not familiar with the topic, you can request for topic change. You are given 90 seconds. You have to utilize the time for thinking and speaking. Do not speak for longer time. Use only 90 seconds. Speak with confidence and speak louder. Provide examples. Few panelists were helpful too (if you are struck in the middle, they help you with some ideas). I remember a few topics:
Life in 2050
iOS Vs Android
Social media disconnects/connects people?
Virtual reality in education
Block chain
Technology in sports
Censorship on the internet
innovation Vs automation
electrical vehicles
Can India become a manufacturing power
Does environmental rules and regulations stifle innovation
Technology that fascinated you, etc.

Keep yourself updated with new technologies. Read news daily. Providing real-life examples is what they are expecting. Out of 62 members, 33 were qualified to the next round.

3. HR Interview: Can’t say if it is HR or technical exactly. This is a one-on-one interview. Few panelists asked only HR questions. Few asked both HR and technical. Few asked only technical. So, do not think that they ask only HR questions. I was not even asked “Tell me about yourself”! They dig deep into your resume and ask about everything. Example interview questions are:
What is your favorite subject, why?
Questions from your favorite subject
Basic programming questions like from recursion
Why did your grades drop in B.Tech?
Questions on projects, internships and softwares known (only if you mention them in your resume)
Tell me about yourself
Why Deloitte?
Most critical part of your life and how you handled it?
Where do you see yourself in five years from now?, etc.

Students from branches other than CSE were not asked much about the technical things, but they still did (1 or 2 questions).
Out of 33 members, 21 are placed.

Deloitte mainly focuses on Communication skills. It also checks if you can learn things/ you are smart enough to grasp things, understand and work. Deloitte expects a lot from it’s employees. Don’t panic, do well (mainly in the first two rounds).

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Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2019
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