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Deloitte On-Campus Interview Experience

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Hello Everyone! Deloitte Visited our campus for interviews for BTA ( Business Technology Analyst) Profile.

Round 1:

Aptitude was conducted by Aspiring minds(AMCAT)
It consisted of Quants, Logical and verbal. 25 Qs Each. Test was for 90 Mins

The usual aptitude topics on SI And CI, Permutation and Combinations, Probability were asked. A lot of Logarithm based questions were asked in our tests. Solving Questions from GeeksforGeeks or any Aptitude book would be sufficient
Verbal was more of fill the blanks, synonyms and passages.

Around 180 people wrote the test. 63 were Shortlisted.

Round 2:

 JAM (Just a Minute)

The Shortlisted 60 candidates were put into 6 different groups of 10.
Each candidate had to pick a number from 1-40 and the Interviewer would give you a topic to talk upon based on the number you’ve chosen.
They gave us 30 seconds to prepare and we had to talk for JUST A MINUTE.
Advice : Do not pause, do not repeat the same sentences you’ve used. They check your communication and presentation skills. Confidence is the key here!

After this round 33 people were selected for the next round!

Round 3:HR Interview 

Nothing much Technical at all.

In depth Discussion on Projects
Basic HR Questions
->Your goals
-> Why Deloitte?
->Future plans in the firm
He finally asked if i had any questions, I asked him a few

This is what my friends said after their Interview, I too expected the same and entered the cabin, The interviewer didn’t even touch my Resume and he didn’t ask my resume for the rest of the Interview.He started by asking me to tell about myself and my educational background.

After a brief introduction, he directly asked about my final year project.I started explaining what i am gonna do in my project.He was totally fine at all the times during the Interview.After the explanation he asked me is your project really useful for any one? I elaborated on the targeted users and he was not convinced with that.By the way my final year project is based on Natural Language Processing(NLP) and my implementation is purely based on some recent journals and papers published in very good conferences.So I frankly objected with him saying that this project can gain lot of potential users if it turns out to be a product.

After that He asked me what is your fav programming language and I said python.

he asked what is your recent program in python and i said i did a bit competitive programming.He asked me what is that CP??

I was shocked and explained it and he immediately realized it when i said about gfg, hrank.., hearth.. and other platforms.

he asked me to write a script in python which takes the screenshot of his laptop.I said that i can write it , but i don’t know the system call for that.Then he asked me to write using any system call you know.I explained the program of what i did for RPC(remote procedure call)[I invoked a process in other machine from my machine]He seemed to be convinced with what i said.I also explained how i automated the input and output pipeline of a software used by civil engineers.


He then asked me whether i know anything about big data and hadoop.I said that i can setup spark clusters but cannot code much.

Then he started HR questions like what would you do if u dont know anything about a technology and questions like “are u an individual performer like sachin 0r team player/lead like dhoni. ” I answered them and he finally asked if i had any questions.

I asked about R&D in deloitte, he said no and continued that if necessary they would look into R&D

I also asked if there are any products from Deloitte.

At the end, all of my friends got selected...but i was not.But had a satisfactory interview experience

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Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019
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