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Deloitte Interview Experience | On-Campus FY21

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Round 1 (Written)

An aptitude test, scheduled on AMCAT platform was taken comprising of 74 Questions for 95 Minutes. There were three segments namely English Comprehension (25 Questions, 25 Minutes), Logical Ability (24 Questions, 35 Minutes), Quantitative Ability Advanced (25 Questions, 35 Minutes). One would find this round easy if he/she is well versed in solving aptitude. 100+ appeared for this test of which shortlisted number was around 50. I cleared, Bingo!

Tips: Just be good with reasoning. You’ll always be gonna make it.

A pre-placement talk was held by Deloitte to brief about the company and the profile in between.

Round 2 (JAM)

Right after seven days of Round 1, Round 2 was scheduled. Deloitte calls this round a JAM (Just A Minute) round. Students were asked to pick a number from 1 to 40. The moderator would give the topic against that number. The number must be unique i.e. not previously spoken on. One can change the topic but only once if he/she has not much idea on the topic. One has to speak for a minimum of 1 minute on that topic. Luckily, we had a very kind panellist. He allowed switching back to the previous topic and gave hints about the ideas if stuck. I can remember some students from my group went off track from the topic. After listening to all the topics in the session, I could draw that all topics were necessarily based upon trending technologies. Listing a few below:

  • Use of data for product advertisement,
  • Using AI to combat fake news,
  • Using bots on social media,
  • Usage of AR in e-commerce,
  • Pattern Detection in Healthcare,
  • Usage of AR in the retail industry,
  • Introducing AI in the healthcare sector,
  • Video calls replacing Voice calls,
  • Use of technology in sports,
  • Recommendation on the e-commerce platform to help customers in decision making,
  • Using VR for medical purposes in borders.

Of the total, around 30 went for the interviews. I cleared, Bingo!

Tips and my deductions: 

  • DO NOT get off the topic, stay on it up to the last (those who did not, were dropped)
  • DO learn about trending technologies (AI, Machine Learning, AR, VR, AI contributions in various fields, Cloud Computing, 3D printing, etc.) (those who did not know spoke something else, and were dropped)
  • If one skips a topic, DO NOT take the same number in your turn (those who did, were dropped)
  • DO NOT ask to come back to the previous topic (panellist may not oppose to that rule being kind to you. But those who did, were dropped)
  • DO speak with relevant examples and try staying confident that you are well known to the topic (those who did, were selected)

Round 3 (1-to-1 Interview)

This round happened on the same day as JAM in the afternoon time. A slot of 20 minutes with respective timing was already sent to the selected students. Interview can’t be generalised as anything can happen over there and hence this was exclusively my experience. 

To have a quick judgement about the person, I believe nothing is better than throwing before him/her some puzzles (mathematical/ analytical/ programming problems) and see the approach. I received back-to-back 4 problems after a quick and brief introduction. The coding problems I got were way too easy (just basics: searching & mathematical). The harder part of this round was the puzzles (tricky, mathematical, related to probability). At last, I was asked a question on DBMS and the interviewer asked if I know JAVA.

Tips and my deductions: 

  • The puzzles are best for quick judgement of a person’s analytical skill and approach.
  • Always clarify the problem by asking more questions.
  • Be vigilant, careful while coding. Follow good etiquettes of writing codes such as indentations, variable names, etc.
  • Always go brief when asked for a quick introduction. Include only relevant details.

The result list was announced by the evening time. Around 15 got selected for Deloitte as Business Technology Analyst . I cleared, Bingo!

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2021
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