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DE Shaw On-Campus Interview Experience | QA Engineer

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DE Shaw visited our campus on 05-OCT-2019 for hiring for the position of QA Engineer. The hiring was for both undergraduates and postgraduates. 

Criteria: 7 CGPA and above for CSE and IT, 8 CGPA and above for MSc, ECE and EEE. All students irrespective of history of backlogs or current backlogs were considered if they satisfied the CGPA criteria. 

The first round was the Online Test which was 1 hour and 40 minutes long. It was divided as follows. 

Arithmetic Aptitude – 12 questions – 25 minutes 
Analytical Reasoning – 8 questions – 25 minutes 
Technical Aptitude – 20 questions – 20 minutes 
Coding question – 1 question – 30 minutes 

A negative marking of 0.25 marks was also included for every wrong answer. 

The arithmetic aptitude was very hard. It’s questions were not like the normal ones where using a formula you can derive the answer. You had to think and use several techniques to solve them. 

The analytical reasoning parts and technical aptitude parts were between easy and medium. It was answerable and not as hard as the Arithmetic Aptitude part. 

Coding question: 

There are three buildings in a row named A, B and C. Each building contains N floors. Each of the floors in each of the building contains a certain number of bananas. 

You can collect all the bananas at each floor as you make your way up from the ground floor to the Nth floor of a building. You can also jump from the ith floor of a building to the (i+1)th floor of its adjacent buildings. But you can only do so K times as you make your way up to the top. 

Given are 3 arrays A[], B[] and C[] each of size N. The number of bananas at the ith floor of each building is indicated by the respective arr[i] ( A[i] for building A, B[i] for building B and C[i] for building C). The maximum number of jumps that can be made is given as K. 

Find the maximum number of bananas that can be collected starting from the ground floor to the Nth floor with no more than K jumps. 


Input : A[] = {4, 5, 1, 2, 10}, B[] = {9, 7, 3, 20, 16}, C[] = {6, 12, 13, 9, 8}, K=2 

Output : 70 


Start from building B. Collect the 9 bananas in the first floor. 
Jump to building C. Collect the 12 bananas from the second and 13 bananas from third floor. ( Jump 1 ) 
Jump back to building B. Collect the 20 bananas from fourth floor and 16 bananas in fifth floor. ( Jump 2 ) 

Number of jumps made = 2 
Number of bananas collected= 9+12+13+20+16=70 bananas

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Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2021
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