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Daffodils Interview Experience

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Date – 20 SEPT 2019 

Venue – INDORE 

I’d like to share my interview experience @Daffodil for Jr. Associate IT  with all of my fellow geeks. 

ROUND 1 :Firstly they take Online Assessment test on Hackerearth coding Platform, Assessment test consist of 3 coding questions which were easy to get through if you are regular doing coding on different platforms.All the 3 question were of geeksforgeeks. 

19 students were selected for the next round out of 100. 

ROUND 2 :Next Round was Pen Paper Coding round where they give the String and Array based question and 15 mins time to code for one of the 2 Questions. Level of coding questions was easy to moderate. 

After the Results, 11 selected students now got face to face for 1st Technical interview 

ROUND 3 :In Technical Interview, Delegates were helpful every time, it all started with the Data Structures.They asked me to demonstrate BFS, DFS, Binary tree, BST, Priority Queue.Then they asked me to write pseudo code of Reverse a Link List, find loop in Link List, Doubly Link List. 

After that, They give me 2 Coding questions based on Arrays and 1 question on String.They asked me to reduce Time Complexity and Space Complexity of every code.It all ended with projects and some puzzle question . 

The whole process took approx 1.25 hr and then within 1 hrs result was out and 6 students selected for 2nd Technical Round. 

ROUND 4 :In 2nd Technical Round, They asked questions about My Projects and ask me to write all Tables (including all fields,  Pk and Fk ) of my Project.Then they give me 2 coding questions .As i done with that they asked me to optimize it.After trying 30 min i couldn’t optimize that code.Then they give me time to think and asked me to approach again.After 30 min i somehow able to optimize it.It all ended with some concepts of Java programming language. 

it was late night 11:30 pm in the college when result of 2nd Technical round came. 3 students incuding me selected for HR round . 

ROUND 5 :In my Interview we started off with a discussion about my introduction .After that HR asked some questions based on thiking ability.Then it ended up on basic discussion. 

After 15 min, final result came and 3 students along with me selected for the Daffodils(Gurgaon) and we all got the offer letter. It was quiet a hectic day for us as all the rounds completed in 1 day but really a nice experience. 

Atlast I want to suggest you to just stick to your basic fundamentals that you have learned and GeeksforGeeks is a great source of knowledge so use it to the fullest and consolidate all the basic of programming and try to make as much code as possibe. 

All the Best !!

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Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2021
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