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Daffodils Interview Experience for 2020 batch

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2019
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After the Online Assessment test on Hackerearth coding Platform 16 students were selected for the next round out of 300.

Online Assessment test consist of 3 coding questions which were easy to get through if you are regular doing coding on different


Next round was Pen Paper Coding round where they give the pattern based question to students and 20 mins time to code for that pattern, 10 students qualify in this pen paper coding round.

Next round was again pen paper coding with good coding questions this time, 2-3 coding questions were given to every student to solve in 45 mins. Level of coding questions was easy to moderate.

After the Results, 6 selected students now get face to face for Techincal interview

In Technical Interview, Delegates were very helpful every time, it all started with the projects and then some puzzle question as maximize the probability of white ball( other one is 8 identical balls with one having different weight puzzle.

Then some questions on DS was asked from me as middle element of linked list, height of the tree, recursion and you have to write the code, it can be pseudo code or code in any of your preferred language.

Then some basic questions on OS and DBMS topic was asked like scheduling techniques, process synchronization, deadlock,

normalization, OLAP and about Keys.

The whole process took approx 1 hr and then within 10-15 min result was out and 4 students selected for the HR rounds.

In HR Round, questions like tell me about yourself, what project you have done, problems faced during project and

some key questions related to the project, then some questions were asked as semaphores, Producer and consumer problem using semaphores(, referential integrity and so on

it was late night 8:00 pm in the college when result of HR round came out, 3 students along with me selected for the Daffodils(Gurgaon) and we all got the offer letter. It was quiet a hectic day for us as all the rounds completed in 1 day but really a nice experience.





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