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Curefit Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2021
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Round 1: First round was a coding round. 70 students with GPA above 7 gave the test. The test platform was hackerearth. There were two questions in the coding round. 

  1. Find lexicographically next Greater Permutation. given-word/ 
  2. Second question was a sorting technique question. Given an array the basic idea of the problem was to find the minimum difference between the number and the next smaller number on the right side of the array. 

Students who solved both 2 question were selected for the Interview round. 11 students were selected. 

Round 2: Second Round was a technical Interview round on Skype. Questions were related to Data Structures and Algorithms. 

  • The question was to find a sorted sub-sequence of size 3. The Interviewer was expecting a solution in linear time. It took almost 15 to 20 minutes for me to come up with the linear time solution. In the end the interviewer was satisfied with the solution and asked me to code the problem. The Interviewer questioned me thoroughly on my code. 
  • Other questions were related to Map Data Structure. What is Map?  Explain how ordered Map works.. etc. 
  • Discussion 0n STL: Lower Bound and Upper Bound Function, Vectors, Binary Search Time complexity etc. 
  • Out of 11 students 5 students were selected for the final Interview round. 

Round 3: Third Round was a Technical + HR round. 

  • The Interview started with normal HR questions like Introduce yourself etc. 
  • Then the Interviewer asked me about my projects. I had 2 projects one in Web Development and the other one related to basic Machine Learning.  
  • After this Interviewer asked me Data Structure question. The question was to find a given string in a given matrix. 


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