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CSS Viewer Chrome Extension for Web Developers

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CSS viewer extension is a very smart and useful extension that makes identifying CSS properties anywhere one point his mouse. It is time-saving and very fast, also it makes identifying CSS easy. It allows one to click on any image, button, text, etc on a web page and we can instantly see the CSS code which was used. It easily sorts out the CSS code for a particular element on a website. A small popup window appears which shows you the CSS data that makes up the element you’re pointing at, all you gotta do is hover the mouse over the image/text/element whose CSS properties you want to know.


  • Fast and effective.
  • Easy installation.
  • Time-saving.
  • Instantly see CSS code.

Advantages of plug-ins:

  • Add-ons or plug-ins give Fast access.
  • Are cross-platform and adaptation for any browser.
  • One can integrate those objects which would seem to be unacceptable.
  • Merges cloud storage and systems into a single workspace.

Disadvantages of plug-ins:

  • Require constant updating, which is very hectic.
  • A particular browser needs its own adapted version of the program.
  • They require the ability to read or even change everything on web pages user visits, which in some cases can lead to accidents of data breaches, capture the passwords, track browsing, etc.


  • Press F to Unfreeze/Freeze popup.
  • Press C on your keyboard to copy the style of the CSS one is viewing.
  • Press ESC to turn off the extension.


Installing CSS Viewer is a very simple and easy process. 

Step 1: Visit CSS Viewer in either Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons.

Step 2: Now click on Add to Chrome or Add to Firefox button, depending on the browser you are using.

Voila, you have your CSS viewer installed. After successful installation one can see the top right side corner its extension will be added to your browser. 


Using CSS Viewer is very simple, the first one needs to start this add-on by clicking on its icon and then clicking on the start button.

Then simply hover over the image/text to see the CSS properties.

Example 1 CSS properties of Text:

Suppose we want to know the CSS of “MORE RELATED ARTICLES IN GBLOG”, so simply hover over it.


A pop-up will appear that will show its CSS properties. In the pop-up, we can see font size, height, color background, and other CSS properties.

Example 2 CSS properties of Hamburger icon :

Let’s take another example, simply hover over and see CSS properties.

Example 3 CSS properties of image:

In the screenshot given below, the CSS viewer extension shows us the CSS properties of the image like Box height and width and other CSS properties.

Example 4 CSS properties of getting Started button:

To view the CSS elements of getting started, move the cursor to the selection and see the CSS properties of a get started button.

Example 5 Copying CSS code:

We can also copy the CSS code by simply using a shortcut which is pressing the c button.

In conclusion, CSS Viewer is a very useful and smart plug-in that can be used by web developers as it saves up a lot of time. It is not only fast but also shows all the properties of an image/text. But keep in mind, some extension requires permission which sometimes leads to accidents of data breaches and ransomware attacks, etc.

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Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2021
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