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CSS hanging-punctuation Property

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The hanging-punctuation property in CSS provides web designers some upper hand over typography on the webpage. The hanging-punctuation property specifies whether a punctuation mark is placed outside the line box at the start or at the end of some line of text.
Basically, It provides the web designers to set bullets or any symbols to the specific align either left or right so that the first letter is properly aligned with the rest of the document.
We can use the following keywords along with hanging-punctuation property and can use in different modes or types:  

  • Keyword values
  • Two Keyword values
  • Three Keyword values
  • Global Keyword values


  • Syntax: For Keyword Values 
ohanging-punctuation: none;
hanging-punctuation: first;
hanging-punctuation: last;
hanging-punctuation: force-end;
hanging-punctuation: allow-end;
  • Syntax: For Two Keyword Values 
hanging-punctuation: first force-end;
hanging-punctuation: first allow-end;
hanging-punctuation: first last;
hanging-punctuation: last force-end;
hanging-punctuation: last allow-end;
  • Syntax: For Three Keyword Values 
hanging-punctuation: first force-end last;
hanging-punctuation: first allow-end last;
  • Syntax: For Global Values 
hanging-punctuation: inherit;
hanging-punctuation: initial;
hanging-punctuation: unset;

Default Value: 

  • none 

Property Values:

Keyword Functionality
none This is the default value for this property. No character hangs.
first Using an available character at the start of the first formatted line of an element hangs.
last An available character at the end of the last formatted line of an element hangs. 
force-end Using stop or comma at the end of a line hangs.
allow-end A stop or comma at the end of a line hangs if it does not otherwise fit prior to justification.



            CSS Hanging Punctuation Property
            p {
                 hanging-punctuation: first;
<p>“GeeksforGeeks: A computer science portal”</p>

Output : 

Supported Browser: The browser supported by hanging-punctuation Property are listed below:  

  • Safari 10.0+


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Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2023
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