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CSM Technologies Interview Experience for Python Scripter

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021

First, I was given a sheet that I filled with basic details of education and internships. Then they did one reasoning interview of 25 questions which I passed. After sometimes I was asked for the face 3 face interview with a Tech guy. These are the questions I faced:

  1. Tell me something… I started narrating about the background and educational qualifications with internship details.
  2. What is the purpose of _init_() function in Python? I answered it correctly
  3. Name some important modules that are available in Python. I answered Networking, Internet data handling, Multi-threading, Mathematics, etc.
  4. What should be the output of the following code:
    print(‘%. 6s’ % i)

    I answered this as well.

    I can’t remember this

  5. What is PEP8? This I couldn’t able to answer

Then he asked me if I have any questions, and I asked the last question he asked, and he explained to me with an example. After a short break, the HR came into the chamber and took the interview.

HR Interview:

  1. Have you had your lunch? Not yet
  2. So sorry to hear that, she told me the interview is almost done. And shared a meal coupon to use in the cafeteria.
  3. And then she told me I cleared the technical round and asked me if I’m ready to relocate? I said yes
  4. And then she explained about the company bonds and other rules.

And that’s all I experienced while joining CSM Technologies.

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