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Create Weight Lifting Animation using Flash

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Animating characters doing some work is a difficult task and it needs time when talking about the traditional animation methods but with the help of flash this can be divided into a certain number of keyframes and the rest of the work is done by the flash to fill the in-between frames to give the nice animation effect. These features of flash are marvelous and due to this, it makes the flash handy for animators.

Weight Lifting Animation

Weight lifting animation can be made with pencil or brush strokes but here we are going to animate it using pixel pictures, we will use the copyright-free images and then set the timings of those images to give weight lifting animation effect, here pictures are slightly different than vector images. Follow the below steps to animate weight lifting.

Step 1: Open a new project in Flash.


Step 2: Import a pixel image on the stage, i have created this image in Pixie, you can download image from the internet or can create on your own.


Step 3: Select the frame 14 and insert a keyframe.


Step 4: Change the pose of the figure by squashing the figure a little bit using free transform tool.


Step 5: Use Onion Skin to see the difference between two poses.


Step 6: Select the frame 20 and insert a key frame.


Step 7: Make a different pose of the figure by making a new figure in Pixie or if the figure is break into different components then rearrange them to give new pose.


Step 8: Similarly insert key frames at frame 22 and 25 to make animation of lifting weight below the shoulder.


Step 9: Now we need four more key frames to lift the weight above head, so insert key frame at frame 34, 38, 40 and 42.


Step 10: Set poses on these positions to give a weight lifting effect.


Step 11: Press the run button to see the animation.


Congratulations your weight lifting animation is ready now press Ctrl + Enter to see the output of the animation.

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Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2022
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