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Create a Sea Wave Animation using Flash

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  • Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2022
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Cartoons are used since the 90s and it was very popular not in children but also in adults due to which advertising, entertainment and other industries also started adopting them and it turns out to be really useful for providing information in an easy way. With the adoption of animation, different tools were started to automate the process to make it a bit easy, and for that the tool which is used is Flash. It cuts almost 50 percent of the hand drawing work which takes hours to animate a single scene.

Animating Sea Waves

Sea wave animation is simple to make but very useful in many projects. We can animate sea waves frame by frame but this method is a time-consuming method so we will use another way by which we can make more attractive sea waves in a short amount of time. Follow the below steps to animate sea waves.

Step 1: Open a new project in Adobe Flash.


Step 2: Using the rectangle tool draw a rectangle on the stage.


Step 3: Use the free transform tool and selection tool to give a curved shape at one side.


Step 4: Convert it into the symbol by pressing F8 a new screen will appear to choose the Graphic in Type option and click OK.


Step 5: Now double click to enter in symbol and select frame 25 and press F6 to insert a keyframe.


Step 6: Select a middle frame and apply shape tween.


Step 7: Press Ctrl + Shift + H to add five shape hints at the first frame.


Step 8: Now at frame 25 change the position of shape hints.


Step 9: Change the color to blue.


Step 10: Add a new layer using Add new layer button on the timeline and copy all the frames from layer 1 and paste in Layer 2.


Step 11: Now edit the first layer a little to give realistic touch.


Step 12: Double click to come outside of the symbol and create copies of this layer.


Step 13: Using the free transform tool stretch some of these to look different from one another.


Step 14: In the timeline add a new frame by pressing F5 at 25 frames.


Step 15: Press the run button and see the animation.


Congratulations your wave animation is ready. Press Ctrl + Enter to see the output animation. Here is the output video of the animation.

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